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Article: The Spring Table

The Spring Table

The Spring Table

We had an exciting week at our home store with the delivery of an antique farmhouse table and benches that I found in Upstate NY recently. I fell in love with the old oak wood, the beautiful legs and the history - 19th century French origin. I can’t help but wonder about the meals and stories shared around that table over the last couple of centuries. So, in celebration of our new addition, we set the table for spring and I thought I’d share it with you here…

I think there is a universal love for gathering around a table with those close to you and feasting on good food. Those experiences are generated from the energy of community, the smells and tastes of the dishes served, and the atmosphere we create with our table settings. It all comes together in a melting pot of a moment, set in a lasting place in our heart and mind. And so, I always strive to make what’s placed on the table a really thoughtful and intentional experience. With this beautiful old table, there was no need for a tablecloth, just textural fringe placemats and layers of handmade white plates and dishes. With spring right around the corner, the fresh stripes of our linen Stone Jug napkins feel right. And fresh greenery is a welcome addition after winter. The centerpiece topiaries are the perfect shape to still be able to interact with people across from you and can be staggered with low moss pots. Both are tricky to ship, so available for in store purchase only. 

I like my glassware to be a mash up of shapes, styles and texture with wine and water glasses like these. And decanting wine or water is always an elegant detail. These are a few of my favorites here, here and here. And scents help set a tone, and the Trudon Cyrnos fragrance with notes of lemon, myrtle, thyme and lavender is fresh and of-the-season. It also comes in a large three wick size which is great for setting on a sideboard or coffee table and letting the aroma fill the room. 

With only four weeks left until Easter, our little bunny statues make sweet, whimsical place settings along with the decorative wood eggs.

For a soft landing for your tush, our felted fleece rugs draped over the vintage benches (sold separately from the table) are perfect. For those of you who aren’t familiar with our rugs, they’re made by an incredible shepherdess in Northern England, who cares for her sheep as if they were part of the family. She sheers them each spring and felts their wool only, so that the sheep continue to have a happy life at her farm and produce a new wooly coat to sheer the next year. She has over 70 sheep, each with names and characters and her rugs have become collectors items with many of our customers.

I’m writing this from Paris where it’s Fashion Week and I’m buying for the stores. Although it’s been rainy, it’s mild and the daffodils and blossoms are blooming. We made it through winter, friends. Can you feel and see those subtle shifts?

Sending lots of love, 


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