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The Trudon story begins in 1643. The wax formulas of the Trudon candles are the fruit of specific developments which are the source of its exceptional olfactory and burning qualities.
Each glass is unique and hand-crafted in Tuscany. Their shape is inspired by champagne buckets.
The wicks are made of cotton. One can find many types of wicks, characterized by their weaving and their diameter.
Elaborated in partnership with renowned perfumers, all Trudon fragrances are developed with the utmost care and patience.
The emblem is inspired by a bas relief found at the old Royal Wax Manufacture which used to belong to the Trudon family. Situated in Antony, near Paris, it now belongs to the Church. Nowadays the domain hosts the nuns of the Saint-Joseph de Cluny congregation.
The motto, "Deo Regique Laborant", which you can read on the emblem means "the bees work for God and the King".
The beehive symbol pays tribute to the bees that contributed to the quality of the Maison Trudon candles throughout the centuries.


Abd El Kader The Alabaster CandleAbd El Kader The Alabaster Candle
Marie-Antoinette Bust | StoneMarie-Antoinette Bust | Stone
Cyrnos Classic Scented CandleCyrnos Classic Scented Candle
Cyrnos Le DiffuseurCyrnos Le Diffuseur
Cyrnos Le Diffuseur
Sale price$240.00
Cyrnos Intermezzo Scented CandleCyrnos Intermezzo Scented Candle
Classic Base | BrassClassic Base | Brass
Classic Base | Brass
Sale price$55.00
Classic Candle Topper | BrassClassic Candle Topper | Brass
Imperial Pillar CandleImperial Pillar Candle
Imperial Pillar Candle
Sale price$130.00
Salta Classic Scented CandleSalta Classic Scented Candle
Salta Classic Scented Candle
Sale price$135.00
Madurai Classic Scented CandleMadurai Classic Scented Candle
Balmoral Classic Scented CandleBalmoral Classic Scented Candle
Spiritus Sancti Classic Scented CandleSpiritus Sancti Classic Scented Candle
Josephine Classic Scented CandleJosephine Classic Scented Candle
Josephine Intermezzo Scented CandleJosephine Intermezzo Scented Candle
Ernesto Classic Scented CandleErnesto Classic Scented Candle
Ernesto Le DiffuseurErnesto Le Diffuseur
Ernesto Le Diffuseur
Sale price$240.00
Ernesto The Alabaster CandleErnesto The Alabaster Candle
Ernesto The Alabaster Candle
Sale price$260.00
Gabriel Classic Scented CandleGabriel Classic Scented Candle
Abd El Kader Classic Scented CandleAbd El Kader Classic Scented Candle
Abd El Kader Le DiffuseurAbd El Kader Le Diffuseur
Abd El Kader Le Diffuseur
Sale price$240.00
Abd El Kader Le Diffuseur RefillAbd El Kader Le Diffuseur Refill
Abd El Kader Intermezzo Scented CandleAbd El Kader Intermezzo Scented Candle
Abd El Kader Great Scented CandleAbd El Kader Great Scented Candle
Positano Classic Scented CandlePositano Classic Scented Candle
Sold outVersailles Classic Scented CandleVersailles Classic Scented Candle
Versailles Intermezzo Scented CandleVersailles Intermezzo Scented Candle
Tuileries Le DiffuseurTuileries Le Diffuseur
Tuileries Le Diffuseur
Sale price$250.00