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Jérôme Dreyfuss

After four years of focusing on women's clothing, France-based Jerome Dreyfuss turned to accessory designing in 2002. He produced a bag collection called "Roots Deluxe" and over the seasons made a trademark of his luxuriously soft bags, whether reptile skin or supple leather, that are characterized by generous volume and clever design. Furthermore, all Jerome bags become genuine companions due to their humanized names. It is unimaginable to be parted from "Robert". How can one resist the charms of "Billy"? As for "Momo" he drives us all wild! Oh, and did we mention he's married to Isabel Marant? Together these two create the epitome of a nonchalantly chic wardrobe.


Leon M | Gaucho Noir Split SuedeLeon M | Gaucho Noir Split Suede
Bobi S | Gaucho Noir Split suedeBobi S | Gaucho Noir Split suede
Roger | Ecru Graine GoatskinRoger | Ecru Graine Goatskin
Roger | Noir Brass CalfskinRoger | Noir Brass Calfskin
Joe S | Taurillon Imprime Croco StoneJoe S | Taurillon Imprime Croco Stone
Stan PM | Imprime Croco StoneStan PM | Imprime Croco Stone
Mario | Tabac Split SuedeMario | Tabac Split Suede
Mario | AnthraciteMario | Anthracite
Jérôme Dreyfuss
Mario | Anthracite
Sale price$1,170.00
Leon M | Tie & Dye Corail Split SuedeLeon M | Tie & Dye Corail Split Suede
Lulu M | Croco Noir CowskinLulu M | Croco Noir Cowskin
Jitoumi | Taos SilverJitoumi | Taos Silver
Clap L | Taos SilverClap L | Taos Silver
Clic Clac XL Soft | Leopard ChamoisClic Clac XL Soft | Leopard Chamois
Ben Mini | Tabac Split SuedeBen Mini | Tabac Split Suede
Sold outBen Mini | Effet Raphia Night BlueBen Mini | Effet Raphia Night Blue
Malcom | Croco Noir CowskinMalcom | Croco Noir Cowskin
Malcom | Tabac TaurillonMalcom | Tabac Taurillon
Ceinture Gaucho | Gaucho Noir Split SuedeCeinture Gaucho | Gaucho Noir Split Suede
Ceinture Gaucho | Gaucho Tabac Split SuedeCeinture Gaucho | Gaucho Tabac Split Suede