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Hanky Panky

In nearly half a century of crafting lingerie, through new styles, fabrics and every color imaginable, some things have never changed - Our stitch count stays sky high. Our fit obsession remains obsessive. And we’re still meticulous about every stitch, every seam and every rose in our lace. Home of the game-changing, famously comfortable thong, Hanky Panky is loved by celebrities, stylists and millions of repeat customers from all over the world.


Sold outSignature Lace Boyshort | ChaiSignature Lace Boyshort | Chai
Signature Lace Boyshort | GraniteSignature Lace Boyshort | Granite
Signature Lace Boyshort | BlackSignature Lace Boyshort | Black
Signature Lace Original Thong | ChaiSignature Lace Original Thong | Chai
Sold outSignature Lace Original Thong | GraniteSignature Lace Original Thong | Granite
Signature Lace Original Thong | BlackSignature Lace Original Thong | Black
Lace Low Rise Thong | BlackLace Low Rise Thong | Black
Sold outLace Low Rise Thong | ChaiLace Low Rise Thong | Chai
Signature Lace Low Rise Thong | GraniteSignature Lace Low Rise Thong | Granite
Sold outSignature Lace Low Rise Thong | LeopardSignature Lace Low Rise Thong | Leopard
3 Pack Original Thong | Black3 Pack Original Thong | Black
Signature Lace Retro Thong | LeopardSignature Lace Retro Thong | Leopard
Signature Lace Retro Thong | BlackSignature Lace Retro Thong | Black
Signature Lace Retro Thong | ChaiSignature Lace Retro Thong | Chai
Signature Lace V-Kini | ChaiSignature Lace V-Kini | Chai
Signature Lace V-Kini | BlackSignature Lace V-Kini | Black
V-Neck Retro Lace Bralette | BlackV-Neck Retro Lace Bralette | Black
Signature Lace Original Bralette | BlackSignature Lace Original Bralette | Black
Signature Lace Original Bralette | ChaiSignature Lace Original Bralette | Chai