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The Living Rug Company

The Living Rug Company is a sustainable, high welfare company where the sheep come first. The company was started 6 years ago as a way of using the fleeces from Deborah, the farm owner's pet sheep. One day, while the sheep were being sheared, she noticed how lovely the fleeces came off the sheep almost like a sheepskin. She spent about a year researching how she could use the fleeces as she wanted a totally unique cruelty-free rug. She saw some information from the Netherlands on how to felt a fleece which looked like a sheepskin which they called vegetarian sheep wool or felted fleece rugs. And so it started. These rugs take over a year to make between the sheep doing their job growing their beautiful wool, to Deborah shearing, cleaning and felting it to make the base/underside of the rug. No skin, just wool...made with lots of love. The rugs are all handmade in the Peak District, England on Deborah's 38 acre farm that she operates herself year round. 


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The Living Rug Company
Gosh Living Rug
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