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The first Castañer atelier was founded in 1927. Since then, they have turned a popular form of footwear into a sophisticated product closely associated with design and fashion.

Their encounter with Yves Saint Laurent in the 1970s went down in the history of world fashion, and together they created the first wedge espadrille. Salvador Dali, Grace Kelly and Brigit Bardo became loyal fans. The Castañer espadrille has become the essence of timeless chic, a perennial classic that never goes out of fashion.

Today, after 90 years, their shoes have a worldwide reach, but their essence remains as authentic as it was in 1927: tradition, craftsmanship and natural materials.


Coeur Stitched Wedge 4" | NegroCoeur Stitched Wedge 4" | Negro
Bromelia Canvas Wedge 4" | Gris Oscuro/PlataBromelia Canvas Wedge 4" | Gris Oscuro/Plata
Bromelia Canvas Wedge 4" | Oro ClaroBromelia Canvas Wedge 4" | Oro Claro
Bianca Canvas Wedge 4" | BlackBianca Canvas Wedge 4" | Black
Bianca Canvas Wedge 4" | Olive
Chiara Canvas Wedge 3.5" | NegroChiara Canvas Wedge 3.5" | Negro
Carina Canvas Wedge 3.5" | Tostado
Carina Canvas Wedge 3" | Negro
Carol Canvas Wedge 4" | IvoryCarol Canvas Wedge 4" | Ivory
Carol Canvas Wedge 2.75" | SandCarol Canvas Wedge 2.75" | Sand
Blaudell Canvas Wedge 4" | NegroBlaudell Canvas Wedge 4" | Negro
Save 80%Penni Crochet Sandal | BlackPenni Crochet Sandal | Black
Penni Crochet Sandal | Black
Sale price$33.00 Regular price$165.00
Save 80%Kuki Tweed Espadrille Flat | Negro/OroKuki Tweed Espadrille Flat | Negro/Oro
Kuki Tweed Espadrille Flat | Negro/Oro
Sale price$33.00 Regular price$165.00
Save 60%Palmera Canvas Espadrille Sandal | Verde KakiPalmera Canvas Espadrille Sandal | Verde Kaki
Palmera Canvas Espadrille Sandal | Verde Kaki
Sale price$54.00 Regular price$135.00
Save 60%Jean Canvas Espadrille Flat | Ivory/NegroJean Canvas Espadrille Flat | Ivory/Negro
Jean Canvas Espadrille Flat | Ivory/Negro
Sale price$72.00 Regular price$180.00