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Pedro García

Making beautiful shoes is a García family tradition. Pedro García, the eponymous Spanish footwear line now run by siblings Pedro and Mila, has been family-owned for three generations. It has become an international favorite and continues to produce gorgeous pumps in stunning colors and fabrics. Especially noteworthy are the sky-high heels with decadent details such as sequins, pearl finishes and sexy suedes.


Galit Loafer | Slit PetitgrainGalit Loafer | Slit Petitgrain
Adiela Slide | Terra Nappa
Sebas Loafer | Black Castoro NaplackSebas Loafer | Black Castoro Naplack
Janna Sandal | Marina SatinJanna Sandal | Marina Satin
Valda Sandal | Au Lait Satin
Paca Sandal | Lentil SatinPaca Sandal | Lentil Satin
Panie Sandal | Obsidian SatinPanie Sandal | Obsidian Satin
Panie Sandal | Lentil SatinPanie Sandal | Lentil Satin
Pona Sandal | Lentil SatinPona Sandal | Lentil Satin
Zidone Midi Sandal | Au Lait SatinZidone Midi Sandal | Au Lait Satin
Zirel Midi Sandal | Henna Vancchetta
Zirel Midi Sandal | Black VacchettaZirel Midi Sandal | Black Vacchetta
Abreu Sandal | Cumin Leopard CastoroAbreu Sandal | Cumin Leopard Castoro
Orazia Wedge | Leopard SatinOrazia Wedge | Leopard Satin
Orito Wedge | Au Lait Satin
Orito Wedge | Off Black SatinOrito Wedge | Off Black Satin
Ignacia Heel | Ore SatinIgnacia Heel | Ore Satin
Isla Heel | Ore SatinIsla Heel | Ore Satin
Pedro Garcia
Isla Heel | Ore Satin
Sale price$750.00
Ascen Heel | Leopard SatinAscen Heel | Leopard Satin
Ilanis Heel | Obsidian SatinIlanis Heel | Obsidian Satin
West Heel | Antracite Cervo LameWest Heel | Antracite Cervo Lame
Dala Knotted Midi Platform | Oat ColorwayDala Knotted Midi Platform | Oat Colorway
Dala Knotted Midi Platform | White Gold Nappa LameDala Knotted Midi Platform | White Gold Nappa Lame
Deniz Knotted Midi Platform | Rope/Rose GoldDeniz Knotted Midi Platform | Rope/Rose Gold
Sold outEnna Mule | Ivory PetitgrainEnna Mule | Ivory Petitgrain
Gizi Loafer | Black PetitgrainGizi Loafer | Black Petitgrain
Stina Loafer | Bronze Nappa LameStina Loafer | Bronze Nappa Lame
Sebas Loafer | Black CervoSebas Loafer | Black Cervo
Tula Flat | Black GoatskinTula Flat | Black Goatskin
Tula Flat | Bronze LameTula Flat | Bronze Lame
Save 50%Nirou Wedge | Multi VacchettaNirou Wedge | Multi Vacchetta
Pedro Garcia
Nirou Wedge | Multi Vacchetta
Sale price$297.50 Regular price$595.00
Save 50%Pilar Sandal | Obsidian SatinPilar Sandal | Obsidian Satin
Pedro Garcia
Pilar Sandal | Obsidian Satin
Sale price$297.50 Regular price$595.00
Save 60%Cindy Midi Heel | Creme LameCindy Midi Heel | Creme Lame
Pedro Garcia
Cindy Midi Heel | Creme Lame
Sale price$208.00 Regular price$520.00
Save 60%Cindy Midi Heel | MasalaCindy Midi Heel | Masala
Pedro Garcia
Cindy Midi Heel | Masala
Sale price$198.00 Regular price$495.00