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Jeanette is a fine artist based out of New York City by way of Atlanta, Georgia. After receiving her B.F.A. at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Jeanette started a career as a creative director at a leading global PR firm. Eventually feeling the pull to return to her roots, Jeanette set out on a path to create bespoke ceramics. Relic-inspired and incredibly personal, Jeanette works to create heirlooms for the everyday. Edited, refined forms are adorned with seals handmade from vintage intaglios, jewelry and other embellishments. The result are sentiment-driven, intimate and treasured pieces ready for its story to be shared. The planning and design process takes place in Manhattan, while the production process takes place in her studio in Upstate New York. 


Venus Coin Handmade Pitcher | EgretVenus Coin Handmade Pitcher | Egret
Sold outLion Shell Handmade Pitcher | SootLion Shell Handmade Pitcher | Soot
Juno Handmade Bowl | Matte SableJuno Handmade Bowl | Matte Sable
Sold outAriadne Handmade Bowl |  Black WalnutAriadne Handmade Bowl |  Black Walnut
Sold outJeanne D'Arc Handmade Bowl | SootJeanne D'Arc Handmade Bowl | Soot
French Crest Handmade Bowl | EgretFrench Crest Handmade Bowl | Egret
Pearl Detailing Celebration Plate | EgretPearl Detailing Celebration Plate | Egret
MMXXIV Celebration Plate | EgretMMXXIV Celebration Plate | Egret
MMXXIV Celebration Bowl | EgretMMXXIV Celebration Bowl | Egret
Shell Crest Celebration Bowl | LeatherShell Crest Celebration Bowl | Leather
Antique French Crest Celebration Bowl | SootAntique French Crest Celebration Bowl | Soot
Bacchante Large Bowl | EgretBacchante Large Bowl | Egret
XO Celebration Plate | EgretXO Celebration Plate | Egret
Rabbit Coin Celebration Plate | EgretRabbit Coin Celebration Plate | Egret