Some Favorite Food Spots In NYC

As we all know, New York City is constantly changing and in flux. It’s a part of the magic energy that it has to offer, and every trip here never disappoints. I’ve noticed that the joy of eating out has returned and I've been trying new-to-me spots as well as old favorites again. While I'm here buying, the days are long and the one thing I'm constantly dreaming about is what I'm going to eat for dinner. So, I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you incase you need any to add to your list!

How I mix business with pleasure in the city is by making dinner an adventure. I like trying new places, wherever they are in the city, and love walking at night when the bustle of people leaving work is electric. Sometimes the walk will be a mile or more to get to a restaurant, so the reward of sitting down to relax and feast is extra special. Here is a roundup of where I’ve been to eat on this buying trip…

Eat Offbeat at Atelier Jolie

I had been excited to visit Angelina Jolie’s store ever since I heard she took over the late Jean-Michel Basquiat’s home and art studio. The space showcases her clothing label along with artist in residence, Simon Ungless who worked under Alexander McQueen. At the back of the space is a hidden gem of a cafe that’s part of the Eat Offbeat concept which hires refugees and helps jumpstart their careers. They currently serve Turkish coffee and Moroccan tea along with baked foods made daily by a rotation of chefs from Syria, Sri Lanka, Senegal and Venezuela. I highly recommend the walnut baklava and cashew kunafa cup. And, bonus, the Syrian lady who helped me was the chef who made them. Located on Great Jones Street in the Bowery.

Friend Of A Farmer

Located next-door to Bedford Cheese Shop, this area has become a favorite of ours to come to and do a few things at once. Friend Of A Farmer has been at the forefront of farm-to-table for many years and created an atmosphere that feels like you’re sitting in a cozy European cottage. We like to come for brunch and you can’t go wrong with waffles, pancakes or omelettes. They’re all delicious. Located on Irving Plaza in Gramercy Park.

The Guild Bar

This bar is tucked inside the home store RW Guild, and has an elegant and intimate feel with only five bar stools and your pick of any one-of-a-kind glasses that suits your fancy to drink your signature cocktail from. And, conveniently, all of the glasses are available to purchase, too. Since it’s such a small bar, the bartender is part of your experience and happy to go along with any conversation you feel like having, whilst talking you through some of his creations, like, The Protagonist, Persistence Of Memory, and The Fool You Need, to name a few. Located on Howard Street in Soho.


I’m a huge fan of Indian food but have struggled to find good places in the city - until now. Not sure how I missed GupShup, but it will be on heavy rotation from now on. The service is impeccable and the menu creative, modern and full of flavor. The tandoori cauliflower, salmon tikka and butter paneer masala were just a few of our favorites and we can’t wait to go back to try more from their menu. The cocktails don’t disappoint either.

Jeffrey's Grocery

This place has been one I have visited frequently over the years because it’s consistently great, non fussy but delicious food with great ambience, playlist and staff. If there’s one thing you have to try on the menu it’s the crab, cauliflower and jalapeño dip with ritz crackers. It’s insane. Located on Waverly Place in the West Village 

La Esquina

Another favorite that never falls out of favor and feeds my Mexican food cravings, La Esquina may not look like somewhere you would head for dinner. Once you get inside, there’s an elevator that takes you down to the basement where the bar and restaurant are. The food is incredible, full of flavor and their tequila offering is extensive. Located on Kenmare Street, Downtown.
I’ve been a big fan of Vic’s restaurant in the Bowery District and once met the chef, Hilary Sterling to congratulate her on her killer caci e Pepe. I was excited to hear that she’d partnered in a new restaurant, Ci Siamo and I had to try it. While the location might be a little bit random, it is well worth the trek. The pasta dishes are light and delicious and  the cast iron focaccia is a must. Located in the Manhattan West Plaza. 

Bedford Cheese Shop

There’s something nostalgic for me about cheese shops. I love the idea that they still have relevance even though we all visit grocery stores weekly. Going to your local cheese shop isn’t just about buying some cheese, it’s about interacting with the cheese mongers and learning about the different varieties, while oftentimes trying samples. It’s interactive and fun and that’s what shopping should be. Bedford Cheese Shop is up there as one of my favorites and has everything you could possibly want, from the cheese itself to artisanal crackers, breads, spreads, meats and more. They also make great sandwiches to eat in or to-go. Located on Irving Place in Gramercy Park.

To say the food is never dull here in the city is an understatement, and I love discovering new spots and dishes. Would love to hear any of your favorites in the city too!

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