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Rough Fell Felted Collection Rug 262

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Sale price$1,700.00

Experience the timeless elegance of our Classic Natural White Felted Sheepskin Rug, meticulously crafted to offer a sumptuously thick, luxuriously curly fleece. Our Eco felting process not only enhances the plushness but also ensures an authentic representation of how this fleece appeared on the sheep. What sets our rug apart is its unwavering commitment to cruelty-free methods. It is exclusively crafted from 100% British wool, with absolutely no animal skin involved. We take pride in using only the fleece that the sheep naturally does not need during the warmer summer months, ensuring the utmost respect for these magnificent creatures.

The resulting felted fleece sheepskin rug remains true to nature, untouched by dyes or chemicals. As a result, the fleece exhibits a delightful array of creamy tones, adding to its rustic charm. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the inherent softness and flexibility of these rugs make them an absolute delight to incorporate anywhere in your home. Whether placed on the floor for a cosy retreat, draped over furniture to infuse warmth and texture, or adorning the end of your bed, our Classic Natural White Felted Sheepskin Rug effortlessly elevates the comfort and style of your living spaces.

  • When measured from the widest points, this rug measures: 29"W x 36"L
  • 100% wool
  • Cruelty free
  • Handmade in England