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Incausa is a brand built on social entrepreneurship. The company takes its name from the latin meaning, “in the cause of”, and it is in this spirit from which they operate wholeheartedly. In an effort to align meaningful commerce, community, and sacred trade, Incausa has created a product line for ritual and meditation practice which embraces ancient traditions and features materials of the purest origin. 

Incausa works in partnership with indigenous artisans to create connections between their communities and the international market. 100% of the wholesale price of these products are given directly back to producers, while the company maintains profits from retail sales to ensure the sustainability of their model. In this way, Incausa is able to give economic autonomy to indigenous artisans and has created thousands of customer-philanthropists along the way. 

Along with the indigenous communities Incausa regularly supports in the Americas, the company is currently running an emergency drive to support the 2000 children of the Kayenta school district, which serves the Navajo Nation community in Kayenta, Arizona. The Navajo Nation now has the highest rate per capita of infection of the Coronavirus in the United States. 


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