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Article: Signs Of Spring At The Farm

Signs Of Spring At The Farm

Signs Of Spring At The Farm

I'm not usually at the farm during March so it's been a special treat to see the beginnings of new life around the garden. The daffodils are almost blooming and there are buds on our fruit trees and hydrangea. While it was sad to see the snowdrops die off, there is much to look forward to here...

The fruit trees, magnolia and hydrangea buds are still pretty tight, but while we wait for those to open the daffodils are days away from being in full bloom and we have crocus scattered around the garden under the locust trees, Siberian squill and periwinkle along the paths and walls. The chipmunks and squirrels have woken up and are darting around looking for food and the migratory birds have been heading back for the season. 

Our resident barn vultures have been making an appearance too and will most likely be hatching more babies soon.

I don't remember seeing this plant before, but the yellow flowering ground cover is called Winter Aconite.

By late April, our magnolia trees and bushes should be blooming. And in May, the lilac bushes will follow.

While I have been taking these photos all week, it's a reminder how quickly nature moves along. Nothing is permanent, and as I write this, more plants are poking up through the soil. I've cut the end of the snowdrops and have them pressing in our flower press book. I love this time of year! I hope wherever this finds you, you're enjoying the delights of spring.

Sending lots of love,

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