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Article: Caroline Diani’s Favorite Winter Recipe

Caroline Diani’s Favorite Winter Recipe

Caroline Diani’s Favorite Winter Recipe

One of my favorite dishes to prepare this time of year is soup. Jeffrey and I love how easily it comes together with only a few fresh ingredients and it’s a great way to get your daily dose of vegetables. We typically have two or three recipes on rotation, but we’re always looking for new ones to add to the mix. I’ve recently been exploring one of DIANI Living’s newest cookbooks, The Yoga Kitchen by Kimberley Parsons, a naturopath and cafe owner who creates holistic recipes that nourish your mind, strengthen your body and bring balance to your life. All of the recipes are vegetarian and gluten free and many of them are vegan. I love how the chapters are organized by the seven chakras – Ground, Flow, Vitalize, Nurture, Strengthen, Calm and Pure – so that you can easily flip to the section that best aligns with your body’s needs.

One of my favorite recipes is the Sweet Potato, Ginger, Tamari & Maple Soup. There is a unique balance between the sweetness of the sweet potato and maple syrup and the acidity of the lime and tamari that gives it a complex, deep and satisfying flavor. The ginger adds a subtle kick that will warm you right up on those cool winter nights. This recipe makes six hearty servings that will easily serve a small gathering or work wonderfully as leftovers.

Ermita Cable Stitch Puff Sleeve Sweater from Apiece Apart

 The Shady Pleated Ankle Fray from MOTHER Denim

This sustainable dishware is handcrafted from bamboo and perfect for serving soup.

Clean up is super easy too!

For this recipe and more delicious dishes, shop The Yoga Kitchen cookbook on our website or find it in our store.

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