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Article: Winter Design Inspiration

Winter Design Inspiration

Winter Design Inspiration

This time of year has me turning inward, reflecting on future projects and spending more time indoors. The cooler temperatures, stormy weather and shorter days inspire me to gather inspiration from moody spaces, where I dream of retreating for a long weekend. From grey-toned walls and printed wallpaper to unfinished wooden furniture and piles of plush pillows, here is a peak inside my latest design inspiration.

I love the dramatic effect of painting a wall or room gray, especially in the kitchen. While it might seem a touch edgy, choosing a gray hue can actually be quite calming and adds instant sophistication. A darker gray works well for small and large rooms alike, as it gives the space a cozy, inviting feel. I personally love it with a farm house aesthetic, the contrast between moody gray and unfinished wood is instant eye candy.

You can never go wrong with a great accent wall. One of my favorite ways to create one is with gorgeous wallpaper. I’m obsessed with the dreamy floral wallpaper in the photo on the left. The moss and ivory print is elegant and timeless and would look lovely in a bedroom or bathroom. I’m particularly drawn to the vintage feel that’s created by adding glassware and gold accents.

A cozy fireplace is always a good idea this time of year. The top photo is the fireplace in our Hudson Valley Farm House and it’s one of my all time favorites. The massive size lends itself to a roaring fire and the worn brick exterior is filled with character. I’m a firm believer that every house should have at least one, but then again I’m biased 😉




This antique wooden dresser filled with neatly organized pillows and throws is giving me all the winter feels. When the chill sets in, there is something comforting about grabbing an extra blanket to snuggle up with. Having a beautiful piece of furniture for storage helps too. This time of year also has me gravitating towards jewel-toned velvets. I love the rich color palette and texture of this green velvet daybed.


When buying or creating products for DIANI Living, I gather inspiration from daily life and my travels, whether I’m browsing Pinterest or at a restaurant in New York. These ideas influence the way I design a client’s space, select new fabric for custom pillows or reupholster a piece of furniture. Thank you for following along on my inspirational journey. DIANI Design Studio is currently taking new clients. To inquire, contact

Photos courtesy (top to bottom): Pinterest (unknown), Home Decor Interior Designs, Design Tales, Pinterest (unknown), Residence Magazine, Caroline Diani, Heather Moore for Jenni Kayne, Julie Blanner, Sarah Andrews

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