Tula Hats

Gardener Lattice Hat

Handcrafted from beautiful palm straw, the Gardener Lattice Hat is produced in Mexico where villagers have handwoven these hats for over four centuries. Rest assured this summer favorite will be a darling addition to any outfit whilst providing UPF50+ sun protection.

Each piece is hand-woven and unique. Variations in color or weave are natural occurrences. The size of the brim can also vary slightly. Over time you may see threads or pieces of palm sticking up on your hat. Feel free to cut those off. These hats are lock stitched so they won't unravel like other hats. These hats also float, if dropped in water simply hang to dry.

S/M: 7 1/8"
L/XL: 7 1/4"
XXL: 7 1/2"

Brim size is approximately 4" for all sizes.

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