Introducing The Stone Jug Milk + Cookie Plate Set

From a young age, I remember the magic of believing that Santa was going to come down the chimney on Christmas Eve to deliver the gifts that were on our list. And I felt like the least I could do in return was leave him a snack to keep him going on his long journey. With these fond memories in mind, in collaboration with Handmade Studio, I designed our Stone Jug Milk + Cookie Plate Set. And although ideal for this time of year, this set is intended to be used and loved year round whether you’re a little believer or a big kid at heart. 

The handmade set includes a plate with the word “cookies” imprinted around the curve, as well as a lace pattern impression to add texture. The jug has a petite handle, spout for easy pouring and the word “milk” imprinted and the same lace pattern. Both pieces are glazed in a satin finish in a greige color that works well paired with any other colors.
Perfect companions to the set are the DIANI Cookie Box and Rebecca Firth's The Cookie Book which features over 75 recipes from basic to more complex, appealing to both the new and seasoned baker. 
All you need to add are the cookies, milk, a cozy fire and festive music. Before bed, don't forget to put out the fire so Santa can make his way down the chimney safely!

On this week before Christmas, I hope this finds you in a place where you can pause for a moment to reminisce over some festive childhood rituals that sparked exuberant joy and excitement.

Sending lots of love, 

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