Getting Creative With Cheese Plates

I try not to eat much cheese, but find it too hard to resist during the holiday season. It’s a decadent and fun indulgence when sipping on a cocktail or glass of wine. And, thanks to The Cheese Board Deck book by Meg Quinn, I’ve been learning that there are an array of ways to curb how much of the naughty stuff I eat by adding in colorful fruits, nuts and veggies. So, if like me you enjoy getting your creative juices flowing, here are some easy tips for assembling a dynamic and enticing cheese board…

Since introducing The Cheese Deck book, we’ve sold hundreds of copies, and once you familiarize yourself with the cards, it’s easy to see why. With 50 creative layout designs to try, there’s no shortage of inspiration. And they cover ingredients for every palette, from meat lovers to cookie monsters. 

Expert food stylist, Meg Quinn guides you through the process of building your own board with strategic placement of certain food elements, flow, layering and encourages you not to be afraid of covering your board or dish with variety and color. 

The book makes a great gift by itself and is also a great companion to our wood boards, handmade ceramic cheese plates, knives, napkins, serving bowls and more. Some of my favorites are included here. 

Displaying in the round is another option and works especially well with bunches of color rich fruit, which, as I mentioned earlier, becomes a healthy distraction from eating too many crackers or cheese. 

If cheese is not your thing, the deck also covers designing and building dessert and candy boards, so this is a great gift for the sweet tooth too... which has me thinking - maybe I need to try a chocolate board filled with all of my favorites! Will report back if I get photos before I devour it.

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