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Tembo Elephant Doll

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Tembo, meaning 'elephant' in Swahili, is an 8" stuffed elephant doll made out of soft grey fabric and green overalls.

The Elephant Project donates 100% of net proceeds to various organizations that help aid in fighting the poaching crisis and also provide care to injured, abandoned, orphaned, and abused elephants. Currently, these organizations include: 

  • The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Founded in Kenya in 1977, SWT was established to protect Africa’s wildlife and to preserve habitats for the future of all wild species. The organization works throughout Kenya and is best known for its incredible work with elephants, including operating the most successful orphan elephant rescue and rehabilitation program in the world. 

  • The Elephant Nature Park

Founded in Thailand by Sangduen “Lek” Chailert, ENP provides sanctuary for disabled, blind, and orphaned elephants that have often spent decades working in the logging and tourist industries. With over 250 acres of land, dozens of rescued elephants are free to roam, socialize, swim, and enjoy mud baths. Baby elephants, born at ENP, grow up in a secure and loving environment without ever experiencing cruelty or abuse.  

  • The Elephant Sanctuary

The Elephant Project continues to support The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, a nonprofit organization that provides a natural and protected setting for former zoo and circus elephants in the U.S. At the Sanctuary, the elephants receive extensive individualized care provided by a knowledgeable and devoted team. The existence of this sanctuary helps to enable the release and transfer of elephants, many who had been residing in limited space and without companionship, to a 2,700-acre habitat where they can live in the company of a herd. 

Tembo Elephant Doll
Tembo Elephant Doll Sale price$39.00