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Linen Body Scrub Towel | Ivory

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This beautifully crafted bathing cloth is a journey in itself and will transport your soul to Japan each time you bathe with it. Made from 100% hemp fiber (one of the strongest fibers in the world), one cloth will last for years with proper care. Beyond the shower, this cloth is a must-have for bathing. Cool off in the bath the traditional way by rinsing the cloth in cool water and draping it over your shoulders or placing it on your head

  • 100% hemp fiber
  • 11.81" x 31.5"


Out of the package these cloths appear stiff. To soften, simply rinse of the starch coating prior to use. This can be done in the shower or by rinsing in your washing machines "delicate" cycle with like colors on cold.

Hang dry after use and wash in your machine's delicate cycle every month or so for a thorough cleaning.

Linen Body Scrub Towel | Ivory
Linen Body Scrub Towel | Ivory Sale price$30.00