Breaking Stones: 1963-1965 A Band On The Brink Of Superstardom

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by Terry O'Neill (Author), Gered Mankowitz (Author), Robin Morgan (Editor)

A brilliant book with photos by Terry O'Neill and Gered Mankowitz that captures the youth, the times and the spirit of The Rolling Stones' formative early years.


Breaking Stones coincides with the 2016 opening of Exhibitionism - the first major exhibit dedicated to the Rolling Stones, at London's Saatchi Gallery

Featuring many rare and unseen photos, contact sheets, and original articles from the Record Mirror (1963), Evening Standard (1964) and Detroit Free Press (1965)

Include quotes from Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Bill Wyman, and full interviews with Terry O'Neill & Gered Mankowitz

"I was impressed by The Stones. They were dressed casually, had mischief in them and were different to other bands." -- Terry O'Neill

In July 1962, a group of young men played a gig at The Marquee Club on Oxford Street, London. They called themselves 'The Rollin' Stones' and little did they know they would soon be making music history.

This brilliant book captures the youth, the times and the spirit of The Stones' formative early years. And documenting 1963-1965 were two young photographers just starting out in their careers. Terry O'Neill, aged just 25, had a few years' experience photographing musicians and knew that this group had the same magic as another British phenomenon that just recently started to chart, The Beatles. Gered Mankowitz was a mere 19 when he picked-up his camera and joined the band on stage in 1965. His first shoot, the now famous Mason's Yard session, was so fruitful, Gered was asked to tag along on tour to America.

Between these two legendary photographers, they document the band's beginnings and these indelible images are forever placed in music's consciousness.

The photography throughout this book is embellished with various memories and interviews, celebrating the early days and giving an insight into what it must have felt like to go from a small club in Soho with no record deal to touring the world a few years later with a number one record. Terry O'Neill and Gered Mankowitz, two of the most respected, collected and exhibited photographers in the world were sitting in the front-row.

  •  240 pages
  • 9.62 x 1.08 x 12.12 inches

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