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Article: Caroline's Farmhouse Update

Caroline's Farmhouse Update

Caroline's Farmhouse Update

I’m wrapping up 2023 with Jeffrey at the farm and thought I’d share a few little updates to this sweet place. It’s pretty moody this time of year - short days, damp walks, cozy fires and lots of carbs! A nice breather after the hustle of one of our busiest times of year. One of the projects that Jeffrey worked on whilst I’ve been in Santa Barbara was the living room walls. We took the plunge after years of deliberating and plastered them dark, dark blue…

For there being lots of doors and windows in the house, the living room is on the dark side. What I’ve learned by trial and error with design projects over the years, that leaning into a dark room with darker wall tones can actually make it cozier rather than trying to artificially brighten the room with light walls. I’ve used “Railings” by Farrow & Ball several times before in various applications including our front door here which leads into the living room, and it felt like a good way to go on the walls. They describe it as a soft black with blue undertones which is pretty accurate.

Earlier this year, we hung a hand painted cherry blossom design wallpaper by de Gournay in the powder room/bathroom off the living room which has dark blue blossoms in the palette. Along with some of our furniture in the living room having blue tones, it started making sense to tie it all together. 

Late this year, we also completely removed all the drywall that was covering the original 1752 stone wall that’s part of the living room. This endeavor revealed some really cool, rich texture and highlighted more of the historical character of the house. 

And this time of year, we love decorating for the holidays. Whether we’re simply lighting the fire and listening to records, putting up Christmas trees or placing paper bag lanterns along our pathway, it all adds to the magic of The Stone Jug - our little slice of heaven.

Wherever this finds you, from myself and the whole DIANI team, thank you for all your support this year. We've had so much fun sharing what we love to do with you. We wish you a very Happy New Year and lots of love and good health in 2024.



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