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Article: A Delicious Simple, Sweet And Savory Salad

A Delicious Simple, Sweet And Savory Salad

A Delicious Simple, Sweet And Savory Salad

I’ve been watching the peach blossom turn from buds, to floral blooms and now the wait for the peaches to grow begins. In anticipation of the harvest that we’ll hopefully have, I’ve been leafing through some cookbooks to start experimenting with some recipes that are centered around this sweet treat. I found a really colorful and simple salad in our new book from Erin French of The Lost Kitchen fame and, in lieu of fresh peaches that aren’t available yet, grabbed a can to try a practice run…

There are times when I don’t feel like a salad because I’m extra hungry and assume that it just won’t hit the spot. But, not this one - it has bread in it! Erin calls it her Peach And Blackberry Bread Salad and it’s easy, delicious, and filling. She says you can add it to a bed of arugula and top it with a scoop of goats cheese, but I started simple with just the salad and it was perfect.

To make the vinaigrette, you add rice wine vinegar and finely chopped shallots. I didn’t have rice wine vinegar so I subbed in our Barrel Aged Maple Syrup Vinegar. While you leave the shallots to marinate in the vinegar, toast one inch chunks of about a third of a French baguette in olive oil until golden brown. Toss with Maldon salt and set aside.

Since we don’t have any seasonal peaches in our garden or grocery store yet, I bought two cans of peaches and drained out the syrup. Add to a large bowl along with a sliced English cucumber cut into half moons and the toasted croutons. Stir in the vinaigrette and let sit for at least ten minutes to marinate.

Add a cup of basil leaves, blackberries, tarragon leaves and gently torn mint leaves. Garnish with edible flowers such as pansies, marigolds or nasturtium.

It’s crunchy, juicy, sweet and savory and the bread is the perfect kicker.. plump from the marinating and crunchy from the toasting. Pour yourself a glass of rosé and enjoy! For the full recipe and other delicious dishes (I’m working my way through), check out Big Heart, Little Stove here.

Wishing you all a very happy May!

Sending lots of love,


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