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Formale Small Platter | Indigo

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Inspired by vintage ironstone with a modern twist. There is an elegant formality to the shape that lets loose (so to speak), with the organic nature of how the platter is made and the unfussy decoration. This is the kind of platter that can elevate the humblest of dishes while being appropriate for the fanciest. Hand built porcelain is sturdy yet has a delicate look. Perfect for making everyday a luxurious experience. Because each piece is cut, formed and glazed by hand, no two will be alike. And the magic of the kiln will give each piece a touch more organic variation.

  • 11.5” x 9” x 1”
  • Porcelain

Indigo is classic glossy blue and white. 

Handmade Means...
There will be variation in color and size. No two pieces will be alike.

Everyday Luxury
Our ceramics are handcrafted from durable, high quality porcelain glazed to over 2200 degrees. Our glazes are food safe and lead free. This piece is dishwasher safe. We make our tableware and accessories to be used and enjoyed everyday.

Ceramic Care

Our ceramics are handcrafted from durable, high quality porcelain. Our glazes are food safe and lead free. Our porcelain pieces are dishwasher and safe except where noted in their descriptions. For example, our bronze glaze should not be put in the microwave and this is noted in product descriptions of bronze glazed items. Although all of our pieces are dishwasher safe, hand washing will prolong the life cycle of your pottery. Dirt, stains, and metal marks from silverware (due to the ceramic being harder than the metal) particularly on our matte and semi-matte glazes, can be removed with Bar Keeper’s Friend, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, or baking soda mixed with a bit of warm water. Our tableware can be warmed in the oven but do not expose the wares to dramatic shifts in temperature – e.g. do not put hot from the oven pieces into the refrigerator or from the freezer into a hot oven- allow for gradual change in temperature. Do not place over an open flame.