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Herbal Whey Bath | 330g

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After a long day or hours of travel, indulge in Susanne Kaufmann's Herbal Whey Bath. Enriched with active ingredients derived from lime blossoms and chamomile, this nourishing powder has calming and warming properties that aids in all-encompassing relaxation and restoration. The signature ingredient whey restores the skin's balance, whilst also detoxifying and regulating its PH. The result? Leaves skin feeling velvety soft.

  • 10.6oz | 330g
Instructions for use:

Scoop five to seven tablespoons into a warm bath.
Soak for 10 to 20 minutes

Susanne Kaufmann’s holistic skincare is is packed with organic, energy-rich oils and locally sourced active plant ingredients - including chamomile, sage and st. john’s wort. These ingredients are recognized for their nourishing and regenerative effects. .

Herbal Whey Bath | 330g
Herbal Whey Bath | 330g Sale price$50.00