Along with the years here at DIANI, with the ebbs and flows, the one constant feeling is that my gratitude for my hard working team and my supportive customers grows. My bucket is full knowing that I’m part of this journey with you all and know that none of it would be possible without the kindness and support all around. This week I want to write a few lines acknowledging what often goes unsaid.

Grate.ful - Adjective - feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness; thankful.

I’m in constant admiration of our team who, even with family and personal commitments, have a drive to bring their best to their roles at DIANI. And, by bringing their very best, are bringing out the best of the vision we have here. The whole team is thoughtful and cares deeply about you, our customers, and each other. Everyone works towards offering the best service they can so that you feel like we’re making your busy lives just a little bit easier. 

And for those of you who shop with us online, you are as likely to have your package wrapped by our GM, Leanna, as our Care Assistant, Julie. And during this busy season, my husband, Jeffrey jumps in to help with packaging orders too. We all do whatever it takes to get the task done. 

Whether you’ve been on this journey with me since the beginning in 2002, or joined our community along the way, you have shaped DIANI and given it a life-force. We all know here that there would be no business without you, and we’re grateful everyday that you give us a place to come to, feel our purpose, and experience the joys of connecting with you and with each other. And, it’s rarely easy in this business, and this year has had its own set of challenges - the flooding of one of our stores at the beginning of the year was probably up there as one of biggest challenges to date. But we got through it as a team, taking care of what we could and trusting all would work out when we couldn’t control some of the circumstances. It was a proud moment for me to see how the team rallied around each other and the business. And to you, our customers, we can’t thank you enough for showing up for us both in stores and online during that time. Every kind word and thoughtful check in, kept our spirits high and helped us get back up and running as soon as we could.

Many of you have known our team for years and some of you perhaps have yet to meet with them. They inspire me everyday to keep working at the vision, tweaking, refining... simply put, they make me better. I love them all and because of that, I love my work even more than I would without them. Leanna, Christine, Cynthia, Jennifer, Ariella, Dominique, Sara, Julie, Penny, Theekshi, Gracie, Shaina, Julia, and all our seasonal helpers, thank you! Thank you for believing in me, sharing your talents and time, and for being kind and generous souls. I couldn't do this without you. I feel very lucky.

And to my husband, Jeffrey, there aren't enough thank yous. He sees it all, which includes the good, bad and ugly. The times behind the scenes where I'm feeling anxious or insecure, overwhelmed and exhausted. He helps out in all ways, handling parts of the business that aren't always exciting or necessarily what he planned on doing on any given day. But he does it knowing how much it helps me and the team. He's always the MVP in my book because he's there, ready, willing and able.  

I also want to share my appreciation for those who work with us in realms large and small - designers and their reps, graphic artists, content creators, our bookkeeper, Jennifer, our landlord, Robert, local printing shops, advertisers, our neighbors in our Plaza, our delivery drivers, window cleaners, Alexander, our seamstress, Margaret our green thumb and botany creator and anyone else who I'm not thinking of in this moment. Thanks a million to all of you who have made my life more fulfilling than I could have ever imagined or dreamed of it being. 

In appreciation,

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