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Yokwe Ceramics

Yokwe Ceramics was born out of love. A Santa Barbara local, Sarah Gernuardi retired from teaching to become a stay at home mum for her two children, who are adopted from the Marshall Islands. Inspired by the desire to give back to her children's home country, Sarah created Yokwe Ceramics, which supports education projects in the Islands. Currently Sarah is helping to fund the rebuilding of an elementary school on the island of Majuro. Yokwe, pronounced Yak-way, is the common greeting in the Marshall Islands that translates literally to, "you are a rainbow". 

Sarah works out of her home studio, making Scandinavian and Japanese inspired pieces that celebrate the form with natural earth tones. 


Large Turquoise Faceted Bud Vase 4Large Turquoise Faceted Bud Vase 4