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Venus Coin Handmade Pitcher | Egret

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Sale price$320.00

Jeannette Morrow's Antique French Venus Coin Handmade Pitcher in Egret is adorned with a vintage Venus Ground Tour intaglio. Venus is the Roman goddess of beauty, love, appeal, ambition, beauty, and passion. 

  • Approximately 5” in diameter and 7” in height
  • Approximately 5” from bottom to brim
  • This piece is glazed in Egret.

All sizes are approximate and due to the nature of the pieces, slight imperfections should be expected (and embraced!) All pieces are hand built out of stoneware and glazed using only lead free and food safe glazes.

Venus Coin Handmade Pitcher | Egret
Venus Coin Handmade Pitcher | Egret Sale price$320.00