Teeswater Felted Collection Rug 263

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Luxurious Teeswater Breed: Immerse yourself in the sumptuous softness of Teeswater fleece, known for its exceptional quality and unparalleled comfort.

Soft Texture: Delight in the velvety softness that beckons you to sink your toes or wrap yourself in pure cosiness. Perfect for both the floor and as a stylish throw.

Generous Size: Measuring a generous 42 x 38 inches approximately, this masterpiece adds a touch of elegance to any space.

Minimal Hair Loss: Say goodbye to shedding worries! Our Teeswater Felted Fleece Rug boasts minimal hair loss, ensuring a pristine and clean environment.

Heavy Rug Weight: Experience the opulence of a substantial, weighty rug that exudes durability and lasting quality.

Versatile Use: Whether adorning your floor with its beauty or enhancing your living space as a throw, this rug is a versatile statement piece.

⚠️ Attention to Care: To maintain its beauty, we recommend using an anti-slip mat underneath if placing on the floor. Ideal for low-traffic areas, these rugs are not only a visual treat but also a delicate addition to your space.

  • When measured from the widest points, this rug measures: 42"W x 38"L
  • 100% wool
  • Cruelty free
  • Handmade in England

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