DIANI Wellness Care Package

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If you’ve been following along, you know I’m always on the hunt for new wellness goodies. These are some of my personal favorites that make great self care gifts. For my fellow bath lovers, the Incausa incense bundle is fabulous and features artisanal incense and Palo Santo burning stick that smells heavenly. A great bath essential to add post-workout or before bed is the magnesium soak from The Nature of Things. It's a must for easing soreness, aiding in relaxation and promoting restful sleep. The new Amy Chaplin cookbook is a great guide for healthy meal prep and recipe inspiration, with an emphasis on plant-based, whole foods. And Moon Juice’s Super You helps keep stress and anxiety in check. A beautiful addition to any home, a quartz crystal is known for balancing out the body and the mind. And essentials for all of us these days to stay well, are face masks and hand sanitizer, so I've sourced my favorites. This year has been a tough haul, so my hope is that the DIANI Wellness Care Package brings you or a loved one the love and comfort we all need right now. 


  • Whole Food Cooking Everyday Cookbook
  • Nature of Things Magnesium Bath Soak
  • Super You Supplements by Moon Juice
  • Brazilian Quartz Energy Crystal
  • Coconut + Lemon Hand Sanitizer by Little Barn Apothecary
  • Onzie Face Mask Set (set of 2, assorted)
  • Incausa Incense Bundle


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