Crystal Fix

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Whether you want the right cluster for your coffee table, or to better understand the powerful potential of these stones, The Crystal Fix will enable you to bring more of their transformative energy into your everyday life. Infused with the energy of Mother Nature, every crystal has a unique set of healing properties. From tackling insomnia to relieving anxiety and fostering creativity, crystals can energize, calm, and inspire.

Luminosity Crystals founder, Juliette Thornbury, provides all the information you need to source, care for, and display your crystals—as well as tips for wearing them and taking stones on the go. Includes an introduction to the art of feng shui and how to use it in conjunction with specific crystals, a crystal directory and a guide to using your crystals, including meditations, rituals, associated chakras, beauty treatments, and crystal grids.

192 pages, 7.5" x 1" x 9.4"

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