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Shatavari Transcendent Elixir

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From Sun Potion, an Ayurvedic rejuvenation elixir made from Shatavari that is organically grown and ethically wildcrafted in India. Honey sustainably harvested from Western Australia. Organic Grape Alcohol and Alkaline Water from USA. This is a dietary supplement that can be taken daily in drop form, either under the tongue or added to drinks, teas, cocktails.

This potent elixir may support:

  • Reproductive health
  • Digestive health
  • Energetic vigor
  • A cooling, calming effect on the whole system
  • Whole Body rejuvenation

How To Use

Take 1 mL (1 dropperful) - by itself, under the tongue or added to warm water or tea. Can be taken up to three times a day. Excellent blended in tonics, elixirs, kombucha, cocktails, love potions - be creative! 


Hydro-ethyl extract of Shatavari, Supercritical CO2 Extract of Shatavari, mineral ash of Shatavari. Other ingredients include: Alkaline Water, Organic Grape Alcohol (20% by volume), Bio-Active Honey 40+ AHF (Active Honey Factor)

Shatavari Transcendent Elixir
Shatavari Transcendent Elixir Sale price$58.00