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Round Fringe Placemat | Toast

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Sale price$28.00

These beautiful fique placemats are an accessory that combines Spanish fashion design with traditional Colombian manufacturing techniques. They are entirely handmade by artisans using fique, a natural fibre derived from the Furcraea bendighausii plant. After collecting the leaves, they are turned into fine strips that are used to weave handmade high-quality and timeless items such as baskets, hats and other accessories. Fique is a biodegradable fibre that can be used as animal food and fertiliser when it decomposes. Choosing fique means choosing a sustainable plant fibre: with little environmental impact, especially on water, and helping the craftsmen and their families who depend on it. Our advice: create an ethnic-inspired table arrangement that will enchant your guests by harmoniously combining our decorations!

  • Material: 100% fique
  • 14.5" Diameter
  • 1 placemat
  • Made in Spain

Round Fringe Placemat | Toast
Round Fringe Placemat | Toast Sale price$28.00