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Rem Quilt Cal King | Tisana

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Rem quilt is made in froissé linen, a real Society Limonta classic. A traditional fabric used in a new, contemporary way, it is extremely soft and pleasant to the touch. It brings together the natural, breathable characteristics of linen to a wide range of colors, both neutral and stronger, more unusual tones. The garment dye coloring process enhances the quality of the fabric and means that each piece has a unique color variation. Rem quilt is ideal for mid-seasons and can even be used as bedspread.

  • 100% Linen
  • 102" x 102"
  • 172 gr./mq.


Linen is one of the thinnest threads, highly resistant to weaving and high temperatures. This natural fibre is derived from the stem of the linen plant. Among its characteristics, there is a high absorbency (up to 20%) and thermoregulation.

Machine wash at 40°, keeping the different colors separated. Stains can be treated before washing with a stain remover. Let the product rest without rubbing the stain and then wash immediately. With dark garments, test the remover on a small hidden part of the fabric. For a natural dry after washing, stretch out the damp garment to remove creases, then hang possibly without folding. Use a tumble dryer on a light cycle. Iron at maximum heat 200°C.

We recommend to choose the right detergent according to the color of your garments. Do not use softener.

This garment has been made using special dying and finishing processes, which confer the item an exclusive “used” look: this, along with potential irregularities related to the dying are distinctive traits of the product and should not be considered faults at all.


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