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Plant Paper

The little choices we make everyday have a big impact on our bodies and the planet. 

There's nothing clean or smart about wiping with wood. One roll of tree paper requires 37 gallons of water and a gallon of chemicals to produce. These chemicals, including bleach, formaldehyde, and other carcinogens, enter the body through micro-cuts, causing hemorrhoids, yeast infections, and UTIs. The fluffier and whiter the tree-paper, the morebleach and formaldehyde it contains. There is a better way. Plant Paper is tree-free and toxin-free, made from fast growing FSC-certified bamboo. 

3 Ply PlantPaper is thick and absorbent. 

No Dyes - PlantPaper's color reflects the natural color of the bamboo used to make it. 

Septic Safe - PlantPaper breaks down easily in septic systems.

A two-sided dimple patter offers a grippy side for grabbing a silky side for dabbing.

Larger Sheet Size -- up to 20% more surface area than conventional rolls -- means you use less on every visit.

Bamboo's high tensile strength means plant paper never tears or pills, and leaves nothing behind.

PlantPaper is our response to an industry and an hygienic practice
in dire need of an update.


Plant Paper

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