Limited Edition Hand Care Boxed Set, Australian White Grapefruit

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Best dressed bathrooms around the world have been displaying our iconic hand care sets since 2008. This sink-side favorite now comes ready to gift in our new minimalist luxe box.

  • Made in Australia

Velvet Glove Hand Cream:

A daily treat for hard-working hands. Natural seed oils nourish skin and Shea butter adds an extra layer of protection against dryness after a wash, without the oily or slimy feel we can't stand from other lotions.

Superlative Hand Soap:

Our Superlative Hand Soap features a gentle formula designed to clean without drying. Blended with Shea butter and chamomile to soothe and nourish hard-working hands.

Ceramic Tray:

Who could forget the tray that holds it all together? This dish is specially designed to hold our bottles neatly at the sink side, protecting your surfaces and looking handsome doing it.

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