Spring Organizing Essentials

Spring is officially here and now is the perfect time to clean and organize your home. I know how hard it can be to get started, but I’ve found that if you gather inspiration beforehand, turn on some tunes and tackle one room at a time, it’s much easier to stay focused and enjoy the process. To help me get inspired, I like to use unique baskets, bowls and vintage vessels to beautifully display everyday home items. Here are some of my favorite organizational tips that can be used in a variety of spaces, from displaying bedside throws to organizing silverware.

The kitchen can be a daunting place to clean and organize, but the end result is always satisfying. While I normally organize my silverware in a drawer, I love the idea of displaying some favorite cutlery pieces in our Vintage 4 Hole Soap Mold. Crafted from wood for a natural aesthetic, this versatile piece can be used to store silverware at the table for a dinner party or outdoor BBQ. Mix and match your favorites, from antique silver to stainless steel cutlery.

I can’t help but accumulate a brush for just about anything in the kitchen, from fruits and vegetables to shellfish. A great way to keep all of my brushes organized and in one place is to display them in a straw basket. Our African Baskets are handwoven and dyed from natural materials and feature unique designs. They come in a variety of sizes that work well with almost any kitchen aesthetic.

By cleaning out those messy kitchen drawers, you can find new, innovative ways to organize your favorite utensils. I love using the ceramic Lace Canister to keep bottle brushes and wooden spoons organized and easily accessible. Available in a variety of sizes, displaying the canister on the counter makes it easy to grab a spoon while cooking or a brush while washing the dishes.


The entryway of a home can easily become a clutter zone – think mail drop off, keys, sunglasses, papers, the list could go on. A great way to keep this area clutter-free and pleasing on the eyes is to use a bowl to hold your everyday essentials. I love our Antique Swat Valley Bowls, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes and serve as a beautiful, all natural storage solution. Having one place to put your essentials will make it easier on you and clutter is less likely to form. You might even find that losing your keys has become a thing of the past 

A linen closet is a great place to store extra sheets, towels and throws, but often times I forget about some of my favorites. As a solution, I like to pick two or three seasonal throws and display them in a basket by my bed, next to the couch or in the guest bedroom. Since weather can vary, I like to have a heavier one like the Alta Throw and lighter alternative like the Belgian Linen Throw on hand and neatly folded in our Raffia Handle Basket. This keeps things tidy, but still allows me to enjoy the beauty of each.

If you’re looking to do a real purge this spring, I highly recommend reading Marie Kondo’s The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. It has some very handy tips that I’ve personally been implementing at home and at work.

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