Caroline’s Go-To Skincare Routine

My skin care routine has always been what you might call average. I used all-natural products, cleansed daily, dabbled with the occasional mask while reading emails in bed and exfoliated when time allowed in the morning. I always thought all non-toxic skin care was pretty much created equally, until I discovered May Lindstrom. This luxury, all-natural skin care line is not only crafted from the finest organic, wild-harvested, sustainable ingredients, but each product complements one another for a truly amazing cleansing experience.

Since being turned on to May Lindstrom last year, my skin care routine is no longer a check-off list, it has become a relaxing ritual that I look forward to each day. The thoughtfully curated collection of products work together harmoniously, which has allowed me to create intention in my routine and in-turn restore my connection with my skin. I’m excited to introduce May Lindstrom as our newest skin care line at DIANI Living. To help you get to know their amazing products, here is an inside peak into my daily skin care routine, highlighting my favorites and how they’ve changed my approach to caring for my skin.

When I’m not smelling the delicious Honey Mud, I’m applying it to my face (or doing both simultaneously). Depending on your needs, you can use this luscious two-in-one skin care treat as a gentle enzyme cleanser or masque. Crafted from raw honey, white halloysite clay, silver and aromatic plant oils, The Honey Mud infuses and cleanses without stripping  and restores hydration, leaving your skin feeling nourished and balanced. I love to apply it as a mask in the evenings as I unwind at the end of the day.

Post-cleanse, I refresh my skin with a few mists of The Jasmine Garden to seal in moister and deliver key nutrients where I need them the most. The delicate lightweight formula is made from colloidal silver and witch hazel for a refreshing and soothing experience, especially when my skin is irritated or breaking out. This botanical mist works wonders as a base before applying a moisturizer and to set makeup for an extra dewy glow.

A few times a week or if I’ve been traveling, I like to reset my skin with The Clean Dirt. This product is an instant game changer as it gently exfoliates while brightening and toning, leaving my skin feeling refreshed and radiant. Made from a blend of cleansing clays, warming spices and restorative salts, this powder blends with water to activate and form a soft mousse for easy application. Stay tuned, The Clean Dirt is set to hit the shelves at DIANI Living in a few weeks!

The final step in my skincare routine is locking in moisture with The Blue Cocoon and Youth Dew Serum. By far one of the most popular skin care products at DIANI Living, The Blue Cocoon is a unique facial oil that melts upon touch. Made with a variety of organic butters, oils and fruit extracts, this facial oil works as a primary moisturizer, but I also love to use it on my lips and hands. I prefer to blend it with The Youth Dew for daily application. The Youth Dew balancing facial serum contains a combination of 20 plant and botanical oils that benefit skin at any age. I was instantly converted when my complexion was softened and plumped after the first use.

Thank you for joining along on my skin care routine. I thoroughly enjoy beginning and ending my day with what has become a relaxing and luxurious ritual. I hope it inspires you to adopt one yourself. Visit the DIANI Living store to shop these exclusive May Lindstrom products. You can also email or call 877-342-6474  to place an order.


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