Caroline Diani’s Best Self-Care Practices for Traveling

This past month my schedule has been a whirlwind of travel with my trips to NY and Paris Fashion Week, Santa Barbara for a quick breather and then back on the road to LA for a final round of buying and then on to NY once more for a very special book signing of Travel Home by Caitlin Flemming. Feels as though my second home has become an airport…from here to there and everywhere, I’ve had to pack for life’s happenings across the globe. But the one thing I never forget on a trip are my favorite balms, oils and beauty products. Here’s a peek at what I love to pack inside my beauty travel bag.

I take the pain out of packing by organizing my beauty products in easy to grab bags like my “Girlie” pouch and Travel Case.

I love wellness oils and the care they give to my skin – I bring them everywhere. For me, self-care always starts with hydration and rejuvenation, so most of the items I pack are to help hydrate and refresh my skin. This Uma lip oil is perfect on long-flights that leave my skin feeling dehydrated and parched. When I get that sticky feeling from shuffling through airports and airplanes, I love doing a once over on my face when I’m finally at the comfort of my seat, and the Ursa essential face wipes are perfect for that mid-flight pick me up.

This incredible May Lindstrum Blue Cocoon Calm (call to order) delivers a cool serenity to my skin, especially when I am in need of moisturizing. This is a super easy way to make your skin happy – you can easily apply it while on the plane.

Taking care of my hands is the next major self-care play. This cream from Susanne Kaufmann is my go-to with the nourishing and calming active ingredients made from mallow and witch-hazel. It makes my hands velvety smooth and smell great too.

Once I get to where I’m going, nothing feels better than the body oil from Susanne Kaufman. This luxurious oil made from marigold oil has become an essential for me. This is my go-to after a hot bath or shower and just before crawling into bed.

Speaking of hot baths… I usually bring my Olverum Bath oil with me for a quick spa treatment on the go.  This oil instantly calms the senses and helps me feel relaxed after all the hustle and bustle. The aromatic blend of essential oils creates a truly relaxing and uplifting experience for my body and mind.

And when all is said and done, nothing feels so good as to rinse the day away with my favorite shampoo/conditioner combo. These super-hero beauty products get me back to normal when I am thrown out of my normal daily routine. Along with everything else, it’s nice to travel with a ritual, and these products help bring a sense of normalcy on those unusually hectic days.

When it comes too the constant battle of not getting sick when I don’t have the time to retreat to my bed, I bring my arsenal of favorite supplements that never let me down.  And, I never leave without a CBD drop that helps me sleep when jet lag takes over.


If you’re heading out on the road, bon voyage and hope to see you in store or online soon!


Caroline xo

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