Tips for Decorating with African Baskets

My love for African baskets is deeply rooted in my upbringing. I was born and raised in Kenya, where locally made baskets can be found everywhere. These beautiful, handcrafted works of art are made from natural fibers and are often the primary source of income for many skilled artisans in the area. I’m a firm believer that every home needs an African basket or two. The neutral color palette and versatile design can easily be incorporated into any space, from rustic homes to more modern interiors. Almost every room in my Santa Barbara home is decorated with at least one African basket. I love to mount them on the wall as artwork, use them for storage or display them on a shelf or coffee table.

Forgo those plastic bins and opt for a few beautiful, one-of-a-kind African baskets as a chic storage solution throughout your home. Our Sisal Baskets come in a variety of sizes and are great for storing fruits and veggies or wooden utensils in the kitchen. They also work well as pot covers for your favorite plants. Interior designer and mother-of-two, Caitlin Flemming loves our giant Taylor Baskets. This one doubles as an accent piece in her living room and a storage solution for organizing toys.

One of the my favorite ways to use our African baskets is to mount them on the wall. They instantly transform any space and create a unique focal point. I love how they add texture to the kitchen in the photo on the left and really tie together the dining space in the photo on the right. Once you choose a few baskets with patterns and colors that complement your interior, it’s time to get creative with how you hang them on the wall.  You can’t go wrong with this stunning wall art.

One of the ways I like to add warmth to a space is by decorating with an African basket or two. The natural fibers and unique design tell a story and can really tie the room together. Style blogger Samantha Wennerstrom from @couldihavethat added one of our African canisters to the built-ins in her recently renovated home. And we absolutely love how the Zulu Ilala Palm Ukhambda Basket looks on the coffee table of local designer and illustrator Peter Horjus.

I’m honored to carry a curated collection of African baskets at DIANI Living and to share this cultural tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. Shop our current selection of African baskets online or in our store.

Photos courtesy (top to bottom): Chango & Co, The Future Kept (left), Domino (right), Andreas Posadas for Sacramento Street, DIANI Living, The Design Files (left), Pinterest unknown (right), Samantha Wennerstrom @couldihavethat, DIANI Living


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