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Article: The March Edit With Caroline

The March Edit With Caroline

The March Edit With Caroline

With warmer temperatures in the forecast, I’m welcoming March with a spring in my step. I’m eager to shed a layer, spend more time outdoors and feel the sun on my skin. Shifting into a new season asks us to be more conscience about what we need –  we adjust our daily routine, reexamine our wardrobe and modify our skincare and the foods we eat. I like to rotate in some newness to my everyday looks and bathroom staples to help get me in the mood for the seasonal change. With new goodies trickling into the stores daily, I’ve curated a collection of favorites for March’s edition of The Edit – everything you need from head to toe for this exciting time of year.

I’m often asking myself what I need, how it's impacting our planet and how I can make the smartest choices with that in mind. Sustainability has become a passion of mine and plays a big part in how I choose which brands to bring into the stores. It's not perfect, but I'm taking steps forward.

Right now the weather is changing almost daily, so I’m still rotating through my favorite sweaters, like this cropped jumper from Mr. Mittens and this coat from Lauren Manoogian. I also like having this hat close by and have been wearing it daily to keep me toasty, especially when I take walks with Nala.

As temperatures begin to warm up, I’ve got my eye on this straight leg jean and denim jacket from E.L.V. Denim. This new sustainable brand sources vintage jeans and transforms them into modern, sophisticated styles. Each pair is made from start to finish in East London, minimizing waste and the impact on the environment. The styles are versatile too – wear this duo together for a denim-on-denim look or separate with a blouse or layered over a dress.

This Herno jacket is a seasonal favorite. It’s made from 100% recycled nylon that underwent an eco-friendly dying technique. There's a great removable hood for unexpected spring showers and a chic adjustable waist. Layer this jacket over a lightweight sweater, your favorite tee or even a dress.

It’s almost time to trade your boots for a spring sneaker and this sustainably-sourced leather pair is my pick. As for handbags, this linen drawstring pouch is perfect for everyday use. Plus, it's crafted by hand in Los Angeles using locally sourced scrap materials.

I have a set of stacking bracelets that I wear daily. They help me feel put together whether I'm wearing sweats or a dress. I'm a fan of SOKO's stacking set and also what they stand for. They're redefining ethical fashion and believe heritage practices can be employed sustainably.

The winter has done a number on my skin, so I'm spending more time focusing on what I need to do to bring it back to life.

For my body, I'm using this agave cloth in the shower to gently exfoliate, and after, to wake up my skin and do another slough, this organic coffee body scrub revives dry skin and firms the appearance.

I love a good soak in a really hot bath but I know that can be drying for the skin. But I discovered this floral bath soak infused with CBD, shea butter and green tea oil. It's incredibly moisturizing, softens my skin and helps me unwind at the end of the day (I don't recommend in the morning unless you have zero plans). And wait till you smell it - you'll become hooked. When I get out of the tub, I apply this body butter to lock in the moisture. It smells divine too.

Lately I’ve been using this new sage and lavender deodorant, which is formulated with probiotics and hyaluronic acid to neutralize odors and moisturize the skin. I can attest, it’s one of the best natural deodorants that I’ve tried and is loaded with completely clean ingredients. 

During the day, I keep this Susanne Kaufmann hand cream by me while working and spritz this aloe and rosewater hydrating mist on my face for a little refresh. I spend so much time in front of a computer that it's a nice treat to take a break and do something nice for yourself... and I'll make a cup of tea while I'm at it.

When my skin needs that extra boost, I use this anti-aging sheet mask, which is packed with antioxidant ingredients like niacinamide and aloe vera. It goes on cool and really soothes weather beaten skin. When you take the mask off, all the goodness that's still on the surface seems to absorb into the skin, so you know you're giving yourself a jumbo dose of moisture.

I recently updated my bathroom with this bamboo toilet paper and I couldn't be happier. Made from plant pulp using zero harsh chemicals, this toilet paper is soft on you and the environment. I promise it's not flimsy, but plush and a pretty natural color. Ever wonder how they make toilet paper so white? Lots and lots of bleach which is harmful for you and the environment.

Curating a collection of everyday accessories helps take the guess work out of putting a look together. I like to rotate in newness each season to help complete outfits and keep my wardrobe feeling fresh.

Right now, I’m obsessing over these Golden Goose sneakers to wear basically with everything – from loungewear to denim and skirts. But I’m not ready to retire my boots just yet, so these leather, suede ankle boots are a go-to for transitioning seasons.

This two-toned scarf is great for layering over sweaters and jackets. But when it gets a bit warmer, it will also look great with blouses and dresses. This printed foulard is an accessory that truly completes a look. Wear it knotted around your neck or tied to the handle of your tote bag.

When it comes to choosing an everyday handbag, I look for versatility, style and wearability. This messenger bag checks all three. It can be worn over the shoulder or crossbody and features two front and inner pockets. When I need to change things up, the classic clic clac style is a favorite. A nod to the old-style coin pouches, it fits just the essentials.

A hat easily completes any look. This felt fedora is a current favorite that will pair with almost anything. Pulling out my sunnies is a sign that spring is near, and I’ve got my eye on this oversize rounded style. They feel like a timeless, old Hollywood classic shape that will never go out of style.

Adding newness to parts of my everyday is my favorite way to welcome a new season. How are you welcoming the first signs of spring? I would love to hear!

Sending lots of love,


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