The January Edit With Caroline

As I settle into the New Year and continue to look for balance in my everyday, I've begun to commit to some self care rituals. By keeping a few non-negotiable practices, it enables me to really get my rhythm going. It’s so easy to push through a day and think that I'll gather some energy at the end to do all the essentials I’ve been thinking about, but the reality is, it doesn’t happen. So, I’m keeping it simple: starting the day with hot water and lemon, my fruit and spinach smoothie and an elevated outfit that isn’t sweatpants! Setting that tone puts me in the mood to keep a few other practices in rotation throughout the rest of the day. For January's edition of The Edit, I'm sharing my current self care favorites for the mind, body and soul.

A big part of self care for me is clearing my mind. And while some days are easier than others, I’ve found a few rituals that help. I try to start my morning with a smoothie blended with my favorite add-ins - Moon Juice’s Brain Dust. Crafted from six adaptogenic herbs that help support mental stamina and concentration, it's just what I need to get my brain firing for the day. And I always add a teaspoon of  Yin Power and Green Adaptogen from Sun Potion. The Yin Power strengthens the immune system and nourishes the feminine energy, making it a whole body favorite of mine, while the Green Adaptogen helps the body's stress response and brings an overall sense of wellbeing. Throughout the day, I put a drop of Shatavari tincture under my tongue. It's known to support reproductive and digestive health and is a great overall energy booster. I also like to burn incense when I want to clear out stagnation and make space in my mind for new, creative thoughts. This meditation bundle is perfect for bath time and burning this palo santo stick can help to relieve anxiety and stress. The DIANI sage bundle is a beautiful objet d’art and can be separated so the sage wand can be burned. For inspiration, I like flipping through uplifting books and I have too many to count. But a couple of easy ones that are fun to look through periodically are Joy! (I can’t help but smile looking at the photos) and How To Do Things, which is equal parts useful and amusing.

I think we can all agree 2020 could be dubbed “the year of the sweatpants.” I wore them more times than I’d like to admit. So to get out of my rut, I’ve transitioned to more elevated, but equally comfortable looks. Lately I’ve been wearing statement sweaters from Mr Mittens and have an ever expanding collection of knitwear from Lauren Manoogian. Made from organic materials using handmade, sustainable practices, these cozy pieces are to-die for. I equally love how comfortable you feel and, how easy it is to run out the door, while still looking put together. It may seem like a simple act of self care, but getting dressed in elevated pieces helps set up my day. And when I need to break up my time in front of my laptop, moving my body is my go-to. Every day I take Nala for a walk and as many days as I can, I’ll break a sweat with an @isaacboots workout. This floral bra and high rise legging are my current favorites. And when the day is done and if I have the energy, I'll give my body some extra love with this organic plant-based scrub.

I've always been a very visual person. Many things inspire me, including objects around the home, so whenever anything triggers joy or creativity, I have it close to me. Here are just a few of my many favorites - I have this beautiful dandelion paperweight at my desk and use this handmade plate for snacks or odds and ends. I’ve been slipping on these luxurious alpaca slides in the morning and have my eye on this sweet 18k gold heart locket. Throughout the day, I light a few candles around the house, like these beeswax tea lights inside this pretty votive. This time of year in Upstate NY, my night typically ends by the fire and it's been cozier than ever since adding this sheep wool rug on the armchair. And being here has ignited a passion for creating a self-sufficient home farm. So far we’ve got the vegetable garden mapped out with the help of this amazing book.

For me, part of having a clear mind is being organized. When it comes to my wardrobe I get inspired by planning looks and adding great essentials for the season. Before starting that process, I like to clear out and make room in my closet. This involves packing up off-season pieces and saying goodbye to items that I no longer wear. It's amazing what a clean, tidy closet can do for the mind, body and soul...

While finding balance in my life is certainly a journey, it does have its satisfying moments. Carving out time for self care is one way I find equilibrium. Any tips you have, I would love to hear! 

Sending lots of love,

*images courtesy of Emma McCann

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