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Article: The February Edit With Caroline

The February Edit With Caroline

The February Edit With Caroline

Over the last few years, sustainability and thoughtful manufacturing have become a big part of my buying consideration for DIANI, as well as in my everyday life. Luckily, these two often overlap and many of the goodies in my stores are ones I love to wear or use at home. I value what goes into each and every product so that I can be transparent with you too – from clean ingredients to sustainable materials. And to make your shopping experience easier, I created a Sustainability Shop on our online store – filled and updated regularly with my selection of clean and environmentally-friendly favorites. So for this month’s edition of The Edit, I’ve compiled a well-loved list of sustainable products for your skincare routine, wardrobe and home.

Maintaining a results based skincare routine that's non-toxic with minimal waste is no easy feat. But even a few simple swaps can have a positive impact on your skin and the environment. Soap is often filled with hidden chemicals and packaged in plastic, which is why I love the Mater Hand & Body Soap. It’s made from 100% organic and plant-based ingredients and comes in a glass bottle which is refillable with this half gallon jug. I also use their Charcoal Rope Soap in the shower, which leaves my skin soft and refreshed, plus I can hang up the soap bar to dry to increase the lifespan and free up shower space.

I’ve rotated through a handful of non-toxic deodorants and finally landed on one that works for me. The Eucalyptus & Bergamot Deodorant from Salt + Stone glides on residue free and contains hyaluronic acid and probiotics to moisturize the skin and neutralize odor. All ingredients are ethically and sustainably produced and the packaging is made from recycled materials. For washing my face, these Bamboo Washcloths are super soft, absorbent and hypoallergenic, which is great for sensitive skin.

I’m happy to say I’ve ditched plastic razors for this Solid Brass Safety Razor – not only is it kinder on the earth, it’s kinder on my skin too. The single blade and weighted handle allows you to shave without pressure for a close, irritation-free shave. And since it’s made of brass not plastic, it’s designed to last a lifetime. All you have to do is change the blade, so I like to have this 20-pack on hand.

To lift the senses without any artificial scents, my custom Organic Lavender Sachets are perfect for freshening up drawers, and they're also great tucked under your pillow to help bring on a good nights sleep. This DIANI Sage Bundle doubles as a beautiful objet d’art and a sage wand that can be burned. It’s made from dried wild flowers and grasses that will last a lifetime.

I’ve always valued quality clothing brands, and now more than ever I’m focused on sustainable materials and practices too. There are many sustainable clothing and shoe brands that I have come to love, like Lauren Manoogian who creates the coziest knitwear, like the Copote Coat or this new Turtleneck Caftan, made from an alpaca linen blend that’s perfect for spring.

Denim production is known for having a heavy environmental footprint, which is why I love E.L.V. Denim. With sustainability at its core, the brand creates their jeans using discarded denim headed for landfill. Each denim piece is made up of two halves of vintage jeans or jackets – making each pair unique in color and fit. I’m currently loving The Twin Jacket and The Twin Straight Leg Jean – which can be styled together or separate.

It’s still very much winter on the East Coast, so I’ve been bundling up in The Cardigan from Mr. Mittens. This chunky knit of my dreams also happens to be handmade and sustainable with the upmost attention to detail and quality. To dress it up, I’m wearing these Vegan Leather Pants from Alp N Rock. This sustainably-minded brand uses ethically-sourced materials and their proceeds fund the education of girls in developing countries.

California-based brand Jesse Kamm has built a name for itself, and it's one I can get behind. They're committed to sustainable practices, protecting the environment, and creating timeless pieces that become wardrobe staples. The Deck Jacket is a favorite of mine, especially as we transition into spring.

Style and sustainability go hand in hand for sneaker brand Veja. Using Brazilian and Peruvian cotton, Amazonian rubber and recycled plastic bottles, there's a reason this sought after footwear is a bestseller. I’m currently loving this brand new mustard hue and classic design of the Campo Nubuck Sneaker, but if you’re looking for more neutral, the Urca Cwl Sneaker has a stylish profile and color palette.

When I’m looking to add something new to my home, I want it to be thoughtfully sourced and toxic free. Like this beautiful Felted Sheep Rug, which is cruelty free and made only with the sheep’s wool (thank you Jemima). When choosing pillows and throws, I look for natural fabrics and quality manufacturing – like the wool Zeit Throw, which was made using a traditional wooden loom and the highest quality raw materials. As for cushions, when I custom design my signature brand, I source vintage fabrics to repurpose and make new like this popular striped French linen design.

The kitchen can be a breeding ground for plastic, single use products but over the years I’ve made some thoughtful swaps. Like adding these Beeswax Wraps into the mix to pack my food plastic free. With three different sizes, you can cover a variety of bowls, dishes, and leftovers, plus, I love the pretty floral print. Now that we have a kitchen garden in the works, this bamboo composter is essential for recycling food scraps. And when it comes to storing fresh fruits and veggies, this set of Reusable Produce Bags is my go to instead of plastic.

The perfect tote for the farmer’s market or a trip to the beach, this Vegan Shopping Basket does it all. Handwoven in Morocco following a century’s-old tradition, this basket is made from natural grass material and is an essential in and out of the house. I also love a good multi-purpose product, like The Motli Light. This rechargeable lighter and LED flashlight in one is perfect for on-the-go use, plus it features a patented eco-conscious design.

And when it comes to waste, toilet paper is high on the list. Which is why I switched to Plant Paper, tree free toilet paper made from fast growing FSC certified bamboo pulp. Its 3 ply and double sided like the name brands, but without the toxic chemicals like dyes, bleach and formaldehyde – so its softer on you and the environment.

When it comes to adopting sustainable practices, I like to start small and I'm not shooting for perfection...Everything's a process of trial and error. But swapping out deodorant or buying eco-friendly denim is a first step that makes a difference. I hope my curated collection of favorites inspires you like it has for me.

Sending lots of love,


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