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Article: The Art Of Reinvention

The Art Of Reinvention

The Art Of Reinvention

There are so many aspects to life that can be examined when it comes to reinvention. How you dress, how you eat, your close relationships, your environment, goals around personal growth and discovery. There's so much opportunity for change and yet sometimes we find ourselves in a cycle of sameness. But when we do decide to pick one thing or several and explore the “why” behind why we’re doing it, why we don’t love it, why we’d like to change it, it can be a very exciting prospect to reinvent...

Actress, Jennifer Coolidge is 61 years old and having the biggest reinvention of her life. During her acceptance speech at The Golden Globes this year, she said, “I just want to say I had such big dreams and expectations as a younger person but they get sort of fizzled by life." How many of us can relate to that on some level? Reaching my middle years (I just turned 49) and being a couple of years away from the age my parents passed away has stirred up a lot of new feelings. I’m amazed at the idea that my parents most likely had some of the same insecurities I have now, but when you’re looking at your parents through the lens of someone in her late teens and early twenties, it seems impossible to imagine that they didn’t have it all figured out. And it begs the question, do you ever have it all figured out? 

I also feel a heightened sense of urgency around things I want to achieve and experience. Imagining all that my parents missed out on in what would have been the "second half" of their lives triggers that. We’re all too familiar with the phrase, “Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today”, but it’s very easy to feel secure that there will be many tomorrows. I’m wondering if the practice is to try and balance the present and the future - live fully in the moment and also have lots of short term plans for expanding your experiences in the future. It’s never too late to have dreams of changing what is. For me, I feel like I can live small and be happy… meaning that it doesn’t take much for me to feel content - my husband, my work, my dog, my friends, nature… but, I also know that there’s more to experience, more to learn and more to share with the world. And all of that requires effort and a daily practice of making adjustments, sometimes micro, sometimes macro towards achieving my “Big Picture”. 

I’ve had many transformations in terms of mindset - what and who I can relate to, what’s important, a closer examination into self care, learning more and more the importance of fueling my body for energy more than pure pleasure (hello pizza, fries and chocolate), and making peace with the trauma and grief I've had in my life. And I understand that it's all daily work and none of it's perfect. And yet, isn’t it so, that we get frustrated when we don’t feel like we’re there yet? That elusive feeling of having all our shit together... 

So as the eyesight starts to fail, so to speak, it appears that that’s the time to have an even sharper focus on what you want out of life, who you want to be for yourself, your partner, your children and the world, and fight every day to become that… little by little. And to use the words of Jennifer Coolidge, don’t let any of it get “fizzled by life”.

Sending lots of love,


Thank you all for the lovely comments. I always appreciate hearing everyone’s thoughts and building a rapport on topics that resonate. xx


So much YES. Thank you for the inspiring reminder!

Meg Sandu

It’s hard not letting the fizzle of life, fizzle out! I think we’ve all had different times of fizzle challenges and different degrees of fizzles. It’s life! But what we do have is this worldly community of women. We’re always sharing and offering advice. Wrapped in love and compassion. Champagne anyone? Lol

Michele B LoSasso

Thank you for sincere and thoughtful words of wisdom. No coincidences. Needed this. xx
PS: am a huge fan of your store the beautiful curated purpose. Always providing a visual esthetic of love, joy, and life.


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