Layering a Bed With Caroline Diani

Your bedroom is always an easy place to dream up a new aesthetic and there's no better time than the New Year to bring in fresh new sheets and accent pillows. Years working in the field of design has left me with a home decor tool kit of tips and tricks that make layering a bed feel effortless. With each layer I'm showing you how to balance colors, patterns and textures. So let's welcome in a dreamy new bed together!

For my color palette, I gravitate towards light and airy neutrals with subtle pops of color. And for this specific bed, I'm adding blue tones to compliment the versatile putty base tone.

The first layers are those closest to your skin and should feel luxuriously soft. I grew up with cotton sheets but have come to love linen and that non perfect, slept in look. And on top of that, they wear incredibly well, get softer the more you wash them and this natural fabric keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

After laying down the fitted and flat sheet, it's time for some pillows. These large striped euro linen pillows create the height I like to use as a sort of headboard or backing for the next layer of pillows you like to sleep on. I added two white linen pillows but it could easily be four.

For the next layer, I love a blanket in winter and the softer, the better.  It brings a nice textural contrast to the smoothness of the linen.

This is optional, but this quilt has found it's way to my farmhouse in New York because those winter nights in an old stone house can be drafty! This layer adds a combination of warmth and style that will make it difficult to pull yourself out from under the covers. 

And speaking of wouldn't be a bed without a beautiful duvet to pull the whole thing together. I love this striped linen because it's subtle but still has great personality. 

And now, the part that speaks to the designer in me... more pillows! By mixing and matching colors, styles and sizes, the sanctuary of your bedroom space becomes personal and uniquely yours. I never get tired of these pops of blue and I often pull various combinations together for clients. These custom pillows are all made with vintage fabrics and come in limited runs. I also like the monogramed touch (and at DIANI Living, we offer monogramming on any custom pillow).

And finally, for good measure this time of year, I like to add a throw on top. Given all of the other layers, it doesn't need to be too heavy, but it's great to throw around yourself when sitting in bed reading or wandering down to the kitchen to make a cup of tea.

To get more inspiration on how to style your bed, visit or email us at DIANI Living. We're here to help! To shop the bed shown, click on Shop The Story below.
Happy Sunday!  
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