Introducing The DIANI Dried Flower Bar

Just in time for Mother’s Day, I'd like to introduce you to the new DIANI Dried Flower Bar, where you can pick your favorite vessel, create your own flower bundle or let us do it all for you. During the winter months when our garden was dormant, I started exploring more long lasting flower options for my home. I really enjoy the delicate nature of dried flower bundles and the ethereal quality they embody. Because they can last for years, they’re a beautiful keepsake, a great alternative to cut flowers, and it’s also fun to change out varieties and colors depending on the season. Here's everything you need to know about this sweet new addition to DIANI…

We have dedicated a section of our home store, DIANI Living to house our new Dried Flower Bar. There are over 16 different varieties of dried flowers, from smaller dainty stems like babies breath and rosary pea seed to larger lotus pods and thistle. With variation in size, shape and texture, there are endless ways to design your very own flower bouquet or bundle.

To get started, we give you a few different options to create your very own arrangement. First, choose your favorite vessel - like this short bud vase or this taller glass one. We have a variety of vases and bottles to choose from, you can even mix and match for a lovely centerpiece idea.

Next, choose your favorite stems and create your own arrangement. I like to begin by selecting flowers that catch my eye. I then position my tallest stems in back, like these seed pods and olive leaf branches. This creates a solid anchor for my lighter, wispier stems. Arrangements can vary depending on the aesthetic you're trying to create – use two or three different flowers for a simple, more natural look or combine six or seven for more of a statement.

Alternatively, you can create a bouquet with your favorite stems and we'll wrap it in paper and twine for a great gift on the go. If you're not into floral design or short on time, we would be happy to design the entire arrangement or bouquet for you, from the vase to the very last stem. This is a wonderful gift idea for Mother's Day or an upcoming birthday, and the best part is that, since these are dried flowers, they're everlasting.

Bundles are another pretty arrangement option. The smaller design looks lovely as a gift topper or at each place setting for a spring gathering. For this type of arrangement, I prefer to choose lighter weight stems, like the globe amaranth, rice flower or sea holly.

One of the best parts about using dried flowers is that they can be displayed year round, especially if you're traveling and aren't able to maintain fresh blooms. With minor care, dried flowers will last for years to come, which makes them sustainable too! Stop by to enjoy the magic that is our DIANI Dried Flower Bar or enjoy creating from home.


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