How Caroline Lights Up Fall Evenings Outdoors

Dinners al fresco don’t need to end when fall commences. In my opinion, this season is one of the best for spending evenings outdoors. With a well lit, cozy environment it can actually be quite fun and festive to have friends over for a cozy gathering, intimate dinner or nightcap by the fire pit. To set the mood, I’ve been using these beautiful new re-chargeable LED table lamps that I spotted while staying in a hotel in New York City. I love the chic design, dimmable feature and easy-to-use functionality. The lighting is soft and low, creating an elegant way to enhance the crisp fall evenings…

Since first spotting the Pina Pro Table Lamp while staying in a hotel in New York City, I've discovered that these beautiful, sleek lamps are having a moment in many popular restaurants around the city (see New York Times article here). So I'm super excited to have the Pina Pro Table Lamp in my home and available at DIANI. It comes in three colors – rust, dark grey, and sand, has a touch on and off feature that's also dimmable, and is wireless for easy transportation and placement.

Zafferano Pina Pro Table Lamp

While candles will always be my go-to for creating cozy mood lighting both indoors and out, the Pina Pro is a great alternative when there's wind outside and you don't want candle wax spillage. Each lamp has a wide base made of die-cast aluminum that acts like a sturdy anchor that won't tip over. And with over 13 hours of cordless illumination, they stay lit a long time too. When the lamp does need to get charged, the contact induction charging base makes it portable and easy to navigate.

Zafferano Pina Pro Table Lamp

I love how these small, but mighty lamps feel intimate and cozy while being durable and long lasting. And they aren't just for outdoor use, they look lovely on a side table in a bedroom, in a living room or used for mood lighting at a dining table – the options are endless.

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    Hi Caroline – these ARE great ! I have had one since the Spring (from another store). I use it daily and have yet had to charge it. Though mine is white – a bit too sterile for my taste – I would love a rust one and will try to be in soon ! Hope you are well .. best, Cheri Gable

    Cheri Gable October 09, 2022

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