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Article: How Caroline Introduces Fall Layering To Her Home

How Caroline Introduces Fall Layering To Her Home

How Caroline Introduces Fall Layering To Her Home

You know the seasons are changing when you light your first fire. And, we've had a few here lately. While I'm not quite ready to close the door on summer, I am excited to spend evenings indoors – it's got my creative juices flowing with new ways to feel the "hygge". To welcome the fall season, I've been layering my home with cozy pillows and throws, seasonal candles and my new favorite felted sheep wool rugs. Handmade in the Peak District in England, sustainable and sheep-friendly, these beautiful rugs instantly add warmth and style to any space, from cozy reading nooks and fireside loungers to bedsides and so much more.

I've always loved the look of a sheepskin rug, but as an animal lover, I've never liked what goes into making one. Until I connected with the The Living Rug Company, focused on sustainability and high welfare where the sheep come first. The company was started 6 years ago as a way of using the fleeces from Deborah, the farm owner's pet sheep. These rugs take over a year to make between the sheep doing their job growing their beautiful wool, to Deborah shearing, cleaning and felting them to make the base/underside of the rug. No skin, just wool... made with lots of love. The rugs are all handmade in the Peak District, England on Deborah's 38 acre farm that she operates herself year round.  

And what better time of year than fall to start adding a few of these one-of-a-kind wool rugs throughout the home to bring on the cozy, holiday season vibes. The soft texture and warm tones in these particular rugs work well in any space and with any color palette. I swapped out a cream sheep wool rug for this one in my reading nook. The idea that the sheep who grew the fleece, which the rug is made of, is still happily grazing in the fields in England is very heartwarming, and fuels my quest to find stylish vegan alternatives to the shoe and handbag collections I carry at DIANI. 

We've been waking up to cooler mornings, so adding a wool rug by or on a bench where you may sit to put shoes on in the morning is a great place to add warmth. And when I'm adding layers around my home, I like to incorporate a variety of materials. In our bedroom, we have a vintage wooden bench at the foot of the bed and use linen bedding year round as it naturally regulates body temperature. The texture in the rug was the perfect fit amongst both the linen and the wood.  

Aside from using these wool rugs on the floor, I'm also a big fan of layering them on furniture. To give our dining room an even cozier feel, I draped one on each of our armchairs. Since we haven't gotten to adding flooring to this room yet (we just poured a new concrete slab last year), rugs have become essential. I like layering vintage rugs on top of sisal or seagrass, and if your furnishings are neutral, this is where you can mismatch colors and prints to give playful dimension. When we sit by this giant fireplace, we like to get up close to the hearth before if really starts cranking, so always having pillows and blankets on hand are a must. Add candlesticks and a bottle of wine, and you've got date night!

I've just scratched the surface of the endless ways these rugs can be used around your home. Plus, they're an investment I can feel good about, as each one is made from a sheep that has a name and is given a long and happy life. I know I'll have them for years to come and will look forward to pulling them out each fall as I prepare to layer my home for the season ahead. 

Happy fall season!

Sending lots of love,



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Every bit so lovely and what an inspiring story ♥️

Caitlin Zeitsoff

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