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Article: How Caroline Elevates A Room with a Textural Rug

How Caroline Elevates A Room with a Textural Rug

How Caroline Elevates A Room with a Textural Rug

When it comes to a room, rugs pull everything together, whether it be to add that essential textural and color element, or to create an anchor when furniture feels unmoored. Rugs are also very functional - they add warmth, comfort and are a great sound dampener. So it’s no surprise that when designing rooms, rugs are always a component that I relish picking and they sometimes even dictate the choices I make with furniture and color for the entire space. My Santa Barbara home is very neutral and there are many directions I can go when it comes to adding rugs, so I thought I’d show you some of the fun options I have with our new rug collection!

We have two areas in our home that we use for lounging – the living room and this fireplace nook that sits off the dining room. It’s one of my favorite spots in the house, as it welcomes post-dinner cocktails and conversation around the wood burning stove. It’s also the perfect spot for an area rug to help anchor the furniture and really make this section feel separate from the dining room. I played off of the colors in our tufted velvet chairs and used the Mumbai rug under our mid century glass coffee table. I layered it over a jute rug for a fun mix of textures and I love how it pulls the space together.

Time spent in the kitchen can sometimes feel like a blur – popping in for tea, grabbing a snack, or preparing a quick dinner. So to bring a little more intention to this busy space, I added the Montecito Rug in the runner length. The stainless steel appliances and white cabinetry are prime for adding texture, and a soft printed rug brings some much needed color. It also provides a plush landing spot for your feet, especially if you have marble, cement or other cooler flooring.

Our living room has a very neutral color palette with venetian plaster walls, white couches, glass coffee table and dark wooden book shelves, so I can really have fun and play with rug color and print options here. I went with the Northumberland rug for its traditional, antique feel, design and sophisticated color palette. I love how it’s reminiscent of an old-world rug, but feels modern among a mix of furniture pieces. I layered the rug on top of a jute rug under our glass coffee table, which has a wooden base. This mix of textures adds dimension and warmth to this favorite gathering spot.

Next up, the hallway… this area can easily get forgotten since we use it to pass from one room to the next, but I find that while I’m moving throughout my home, I like to enjoy the ride. So adding a runner in the hallway is perfect for a touch of luxury. Our new runners come in six different prints, and each one will give your hallway a different look. Since we have dark wood floors, the red-hued Marrakech rug in the runner size brightens up the space. 

Alternatively, the Northumberland rug in the runner size (see below) has a darker color palette and really brings out the color of our wood floors. This runner evokes a moodier feel to the space, which I also love. Choosing a rug is all about finding the right size, then deciding what kind of environment you want to create using different colors and prints. And with the incredible price point, you may not have to decide on just one!

Adding smaller rugs helps to pull little spaces together and creates functionality, especially in high traffic areas like a bathroom. Our guest bathroom is quite small, but has a beautiful skylight to bring in much needed natural light. To enhance the airy feel that the light creates, I used the smaller Marrakech rug. I love how the colors of the rug look with the wooden stool and porcelain tub. And since these rugs are power-loomed with a polyester pile and canvas backing, they can easily be spot cleaned or vacuumed and handle moisture very well.

Moving into the master bedroom… a wonderful space for layering rugs and adding soft color and prints. I like to keep my bedding neutral in color and texture with these linen sheets and duvet. This gives me the freedom to add color to the space and the Marrakech rug feels like just the right amount of feminine. I love how it instantly gives the room a warmer feel, and breaks up the monochrome carpet. It also compliments our wooden decor, like the side tables and lamp. 

Our master bathroom is a sanctuary I retreat to for a hot shower, and some necessary pampering time, so creating a place of calm here is essential. I knew I wanted to bring in a rug that enhanced that environment, so I chose the smaller Northumberland rug. The soft, yet darker color palette really pops against the neutral tile, marble and cabinetry and elevates the space beyond its function (the soothing blue Watamu rug would also look lovely here). You can't beat the luxurious feel of a rug in the bathroom.

Rugs are one of my favorite design elements to add to a home for their color, texture and functionality – they really have the power to transform a space. Our new rug collection features six colors and prints in four different sizes to give you the color and size options needed for any room – from the kitchen and living room to the bathroom and bedroom. I hope they're able to bring you and your home added style, comfort and joy!

Sending lots of love,

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