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Article: How Caroline Creates A Soothing Summer Bedroom

How Caroline Creates A Soothing Summer Bedroom

How Caroline Creates A Soothing Summer Bedroom

When warm days turn into warm evenings, I know it’s time to rethink my current bedding. I’ve always loved the look and feel of linen – the natural plant fibers make it suitable for year round use. But there’s something about linen sheets in the summertime that feels just right. After our first hot spell of the season, I was ready to strip my bed and give it a refresh with a new set of linens. I chose the natural tone as the perfect base to layer textures and subtle hues around the room to create a tactile and soothing environment for restful summer nights.

My bedroom is my sanctuary, so the first step in creating a soothing space is filling it with quality, timeless linens. While I’ve been a huge fan of linen bedding for years, I’m always on the hunt for new additions that are thoughtfully sourced and carefully selected with premium quality in mind. This linen bedding from Cultiver checks all of those boxes and more. Crafted from European flax and pre-washed for softness, these linens have become an instant favorite. Plus, they're super durable and a great sustainable option too. Linen is woven from the fibers of the flax plant, a highly sustainable and naturally resilient crop, so they use far less water and pesticides than other crops. It's also breathable, so meets the needs of both hot and cool sleepers.

For my bedding refresh I chose linen sheets, a pillowcase set and duvet – all in the natural color. I prefer this monochromatic palette for my bed linens for a couple reasons. Firstly, it adds a very chic, sensual feel to the space, which is ideal for the bedroom. And secondly, monochrome doesn’t have to be flat and boring – instead, it acts as the perfect neutral base for layering other soothing tones and textural contrasts like wood furniture, plants, pillows, throws and rugs. We carry the full bedding set at DIANI that I use here, plus other colors and prints if you want to mix and match your favorites.

Next step is to begin adding in accent pieces, like these custom designed throw pillows, made from handmade vintage linen fabrics. I like that they're a similar natural tone as the bedding, but with a slightly different texture. I also folded this throw at the end of the bed. No matter the season, it’s always nice to have a cozy blanket nearby to grab for an unexpected chill in the air or to simply snuggle with. 

Adding natural elements to the bedroom is a great way to create a soothing environment. One of my top picks is this handmade vintage wooden bench. I like to place it at the end of the bed to sit on or toss clothes over at the end of a long day. I draped a felted fleece rug over top, which creates a beautiful textural contrast and evokes a feeling of calm and relaxation. 

Artwork has the ability to transport us, so hanging a few pieces in the bedroom that create soothing vibes is a must. I know I'm biased, but this lighthearted print by Jeffrey Doornbos titled "Local Time Mwba" is a favorite. It was shot in Watamu on the coast of Kenya, one of my very favorite places. The other art piece is an oil painting of a snowy wooded area. I found it at an art gallery in Tivoli, NY and since I love snow so much, it was the perfect partner to Jeffrey's print.

Never underestimate the power of a well-curated nightstand. Every so often I like to give mine a little refresh to declutter and make sure it includes items that bring me joy. This time of year I'm all about bringing in fresh greenery from my garden, like this fern clipping in a bud vase. My favorite dandelion paperweight always makes the cut, and this calming temple balm for a soothing nights rest, plus a great inspirational read. This book is a must! I get choked up every page I read of it, the illustrations are stunning and it's great for all ages, so you can read it as a family while snuggled in bed. 

On the opposite nightstand are a few of Jeffrey's journals, a sweet photo from the night we told our good friends about our engagement and a new favorite candle on top of a Spako Clay dish. Handcrafted using organic soy wax, these beautifully sculptured candles come in a variety of shapes like rose, hara and molecule

Bringing candles into the bedroom is key to creating a soothing space. I like to light a few as a relaxation ritual before bed, plus the soft light helps lull me to sleep. I turn to my DIANI Mazuri candle if I want to bring a favorite scent into the room. It features notes of amyris, bergamot, oak moss and patchouli and was created to remind me of my homes in Kenya, England and California.

Now is the perfect time to refresh your bedroom, swap out seasonal bedding and bring in a few new accent pieces. I turn to my bedroom as a space to retreat and unwind, and creating a tranquil environment is necessary for all of us. How do you make your bedroom a sanctuary? I would love to hear!

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