Floral Arrangement Tips with Caroline Diani

Fresh flowers around the house is one of life’s most simple pleasures. They instantly brighten up any room and are a lovely touch for when you have house guests. Creating the perfect floral arrangement can be daunting, which is why I like to keep it simple.

Whether you’re picking up a bouquet from the farmer’s market or cutting some stems from your garden, DIANI Living’s new glass bottles and vases are perfect for simple floral arrangements. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes that stand beautifully on their own or clustered together for a layered look.

I typically buy fresh flowers weekly and to make them go a long way, I like to keep the arrangements simple and follow a few tried-and-true tips for long lasting blooms that instantly enhance any room.

When it comes to picking out flowers, look for blooms that are in season. Your local farmer’s market, floral shop or even your own backyard are all great places to find flowers that are in season. Our Garden Flora book is a great source of inspiration.

Choose foliage that varies in size, texture and shape for an arrangement that catches the eye. Including a few focal flowers with unique buds or bursts of color will help anchor your arrangement.

I typically start with the tallest flower and work around that, keeping the overall shape organic and asymmetrical.  I like these small vases with narrow necks because you can use one or two stems per vase. By clustering the vases together and changing up the height and stem length, it creates variety and a lovely layered look.

Before I begin arranging in the vase, I like to trim the stems and cut off any dead leaves or broken petals. Our Tajika Scissors are a great tool for that.

Let the mood and colors of the room dictate your arrangement choice. For example, I chose a yellow color story for the bathroom to add a fresh, energetic feel to the space.

In the living room, I wanted my arrangement to complement my home decor. I went with single stem arrangements and chose flowers with natural hues and texture.

For the bedroom, I opted for warmer tones and more romantic shapes to set the mood. 

Shop our glass vases and bottles, as well as gardening books and accessories online at dianiliving.com or in-store.

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